Glyptoceras raid

throw down strats here if you want heres the one we went with BUT if it crits or minions act up it can fail and kera no less than lvl 17 or it fails.
oh also in this video did not use reversify turn 2 round 2 and it does help

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Nice! i had like 3 failed attempts w/ 1 team and took another few tries w/ another team invite. We finally beat it w/ Baja, Skoola, Tarkus and the legendary mini-Max. :slight_smile:


I have all 4 of the creatures at level 20 so I shouldn’t have a problem tomorrow morning. If it’s not in range, I can grab it on my morning walk and be close enough to home to get the raid going before it times out.

The Posti raid timed out on me last week. I grabbed it out walking and by the time I got home and all the three other accounts fired up along with having trouble getting into the raid with my google account, the raid timed out. Lucky one was close enough in the other direction from home, I didn’t have to go out very far to grab it.

everyone can defeat that. even with one common level 1.

what strta would that be using a lvl 1 common?

alright if your partners have levels thirties a you have a level one yes level 20 or higher epics and you have a level 1. also some level 20 legendaries.

that tells me nothing…what strat what other dinos your talkign about carry strats carrying super weak players do it every day so what dinos?

thats for apex raids. you cant use level 30 dinos in unique, legendary, epic and rares

have another one big keras are really helpful