Glythronax and Yudon

In my opinion, Ludia should buff Glythronax and Yudon.

As it stands, they’re both not worth the the DNA price tag because of one other carnivore hybrid; Cerazinosaurus.

Here’s a quick summary of the three carnivore’s stats:
60,400 DNA cost
7,496 HP
2,343 ATK

78,400 DNA cost
11,563 HP
3,613 ATK

48,000 DNA cost
9,163 HP
3.500 ATK

As you see, Cerazinosaurus’ stats are great for it’s DNA cost. And because of that, it makes Yudon’s and Glythronax’s stats not worth their respective DNA cost. Yudon’s old stats were 14,077 HP and 4,399 ATK and the dinosaur completely worth it’s DNA price tag. In my opinion, Ludia should bring Yudon’s stats back to those levels. As for Glythronax, Ludia needs to buff the HP and attack to make it’s DNA cost worth it. Or reduce it’s DNA cost to make it’s stats worth it. Or both. If Ludia is adamant on making it cost 60,400 DNA then it’s HP needs to be somewhere in the range of 10,000-12,000 and it’s attack needs to be around 3,700-3,900. Alternatively, if Ludia wants to just lower it’s DNA cost then they need to lower it to about the 44,000 range.

I hope someone at the JW:TG development team sees this post and makes adjustments to fix the imbalance.

glythronax is better than you think. in a tounament he swated those herbivore hybrids away. but I remember that he had 3030 damage.