"Go To Sanctuary" should take us to GPS Location

When going to a sanctuary set by one of our alliance members, it would be nice if it would teleport us to that sanctuary’s GPS location where we could look around, spin drops and dart anything we can reach.

The idea would be good because I would go pick sanctuary’s in down town locations where there is a higher chance of specific creatures that spawn in restaurants and gas stations or just in a place highly populated with drops and many creatures.

This would also help members get to local zones they don’t have access to in order to maybe get a creature or three they just never get much of a chance to get.

This would be another great way we could work together as an alliance and make it more fun and be able to get our daily DNA on rainy or cold days or when we are stuck inside somewhere and just can’t get out.

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That would be awesome, imagine someone in your Alliance saying they live in a place that spawns a lot of Tarbo at night, and they have a Sanctuary there, you could just pop over and grab some Tarbo or anything else! It’s an awesome idea but Ludia won’t bite, they need a way to make money off it.