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Goal thread.πŸ˜€

my goal is to get lvl 40 diplotator/diplosuchus and a lvl 40 ophiacomimus


One of each Dino. I just need a few more packys for the hybrid.

After that… this game is running out of steam for me.


My goal was firstly to max Indoraptor which I’ve done, and another to unlock all the Tournament Creatures. I am yet to unlock these : Plesiosuchus, Edestus, Gillicus, Dracorex, Smilodon, Urtinotherium, Mastodon, Secodontosaurus, Gastornis, Arctodus, Einiosaurus, Eryops, Pachyrhinosaurus and Kelenken.

Out of these Eryops will be unlocked this coming Tournament, and in the coming CoT all three choices are creatures I do not have unlocked so another one will also be knocked off the list. I’ll still keep playing JWTG for Tournaments, the only thing I would retire from is some regular PvE after a few weeks.

Whoooaaaaaaa, indoraptor lvl 40!!!:star_struck:

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Isn’t he beautiful? :heart_eyes:


I just got omega 09 to level 40