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Goals for 2020

So since we had a thread on looking back… now let’s look forward! What are your New Year’s Resolutions for JW:TG?

My main goal is to finish completing all the hybrids. I’m in the process of evolving my lvl 40 Yutyrannus right now, so my Yudon is VERY close now! Annoyingly will have to hatch out additional Trodon and Yuty to get the badges, but will still be my highest level hybrid to date (not counting my Metria which I didn’t create, but unlocked via tournament). Most of the rest I’ll need unlocks to complete.

That also will mean getting my Jurassic lineup to a point that I can safely create an Indoraptor. Based on the rate of progress so far and looking at my current top AFS, I don’t expect I’ll be there until the second half of the year. By the time I do though, I’ll have enough s-DNA to create at least EIGHT of the little buggers. So will have to keep that in mind and not worry too much about adding more carnivores. An unlock for the Segnosaurus would probably be the most helpful so I can finally create some hard-hitting herbivores… right now the best I have are my monostegos and each one takes quite a bit of time to collect enough s-DNA for.


Very good idea @Mary_Jo.

I had to sell my strongest dinos in spring, amongst them a lvl 20 or 30 Indoraptor…I can’t remember exactly and try to forget all about it. Since then I did not evolve any Indoraptor beyond lvl 10.
Now I’m slowly reaching again the point where I’ve got 12 lvl 10 Indoraptors. Because I do not want to sell them I will eventually have to evolve them.
That means my lineup of non carnivores must improve next year significantly. At the moment a got one lvl 30 Segnosuchus, Gorgosuchus and a lvl 23 Metriaphodon to support my Indoraptors. I’ve got a lot of non carnivore lvl 40 VIPs but they will lose their benefit for my lineup very fast once I begin evolving Indoraptors.
I suppose that I must begin evolving my Indoraptors in March, so by the end of the year my goal is to have at least

  • 4 lvl 30 Segnosuchus
  • 4 lvl 30 Gorgosuchus, those are probably to weak for my future lineup, I’m not yet sure about them.
  • 4 lvl 23 Metriaphodon, maybe at a higher level but definitely not lvl 30.

I think with that strategy I can start bringing my Indoraptors very, very slowly to lvl 20.


Wow, I can’t imagine getting to a point where level 40 VIPs aren’t useful!! Hadn’t even considered the issue of 12 Indoraptors at any level being a maximum. I don’t think I’ll get to the point of having collected enough sDNA to make that many before I’m ready to even make my first one, but I may very well be pretty close. I’ll then again just be in a position of collecting Velociraptor s-DNA that I have no use for until I get much, much further in the game.

Of course, once I get to the point of being able to make an Indoraptor I’ll finally have my game missions unstuck and can work on them again. Although I know there’s some in there that I’m not sure I would be willing to pay the cost involved in completing them (the gyrosphere one in particular comes to mind… I’ve yet to see a gyrosphere that I personally thought was worth the cost to play).


Consider what you achieved in one year and multiply it by 3. Can you imagine it now?


My goal for JW:TG:

Have fun.

I guess Jurassic World 3/Jurassic Park 6 is scheduled to come out this year, Lord willing. It’ll be fun to see how that does and how it affects this game. Here’s to wishing for something superior to Rise of Skywalker (it was fun, but not very strong in story or substance) and Fallen Kingdom (beautiful, but sad & a bit discombobulated in plot).


Main goal is, as Han said, to have fun.

Other than that, i’d love to get an Indoraptor someday. I akways liked the Indoraptor’s design, ever since i first saw Fallen Kingdom. Though even a level 1 one would take some serious work, it’s a decent target to work towards as i upgrade my team and get other hybrids along the way. I’ll also be spending more time with my Cenos.

Guess this is the best place to wish everyone (including the devs) a happy new year.
Hope ya’ll reach your goals, both in-game, and in life


Well, not entirely, since the VIPs are so important to all my lineups. So, 3 times more important? :smiley:


Aside from having fun, I’m in pursuit of an indoraptor. Though, I’m reluctant to exit my ‘sweet spot’.

These screen shots will showcase my issue.

I just took these screen shots.
Right now, I’ve gone the route of a heavy supply of good dinos. They have a sub one day cooldown time. I didn’t get to the tournament till later in the day, so I skipped my strongest to save them for tomorrow morning. Ran up to 600 points and called it good.

So, getting much stronger is going to push me into day plus dino cooldown times. But to get to indoraptor I need to have a bit more strength in my dino line up. At some point I’ll figure it out. It’s a fun game and I’ve been busy with life this holiday period.


My main goal for 2020 in this game is to have fun. If the game isn’t fun, why are we playing it? The camaraderie on this forum definitely plays a roll in that.

Secondly, unlock Bananogmius. She’s my last tournament level unlock. While the accelerated tournament schedule since March has been exhausting at times, it has allowed me to unlock all of the other tournament creatures, plus two tournament level hybrids.

Thirdly, get my tournament level creatures leveled up to unlock the tournament level hybrids. Ultimately, this does include the dreaded Indoraptor. I’m not sure how that’s going to happen. Much like @Potato, I’m in a very nice spot regarding my lineup, although not as strong as he is, and am loathe to mess it up.


I’m in agreement with @Andy_wan_kenobi on my goals. I’m just looking to get my hybrids unlocked first off and then go from there.

Let me just express my appreciation for this forum and it’s good people. I’ve never truly been part of a forum with any motivated dedication and didn’t know how well I might contribute but all of the family here has made me feel so welcome. So it’s a real joy for me. Here is too the new year with everyone!


Level 1 Indoraptor won’t be much stronger than your level 27 Indominus, just bring one Indominus to level 40 fuse it with the SDNA for the Indoraptor and pay for the speed ups to do so so at the end of it you will only be down one level 27 Indominus since the level 1 Indoraptor would effectively replace the other one. And you wouldn’t have the level 40 Indominus Rex sitting there messing up your PvE matchups if you pay for the speed ups so it all happens before the game can give you some harder PvE matches. Then you just need to take the time to hatch out all of your Indoraptors.

Level 1 Indoraptor is 3402H 1772A with a ferocity of 9,072. Your current Indominus is 7,983 so the Indoraptor at level 1 would be 13% stronger.


I have thought about that. My issue is that my strongest line up is indominus, gorgosuchus, metriaphodon heavy. I think I have the resources to basically speed up the evolution of indominus to 40, and mass hatch out a dozen indoraptors at will.

My problems are that I really need to work on herbivores hybrids in the same ball park power wise and that the half dozenor so gorgosuchus are at 20 and I like quantity.

I’ve found the game rewards quantity over quality. Plus I have a redundancy problem, in real life too. Being deployed to sketchy places jammed that into me.

So while considering this, I’m in a good spot for tournaments and daily events. Have a deep and decent dino line up. All while trying to whittle down the dino’s left to hatch, and build up my herbivores.

I’ll get there. I’m just not in a huge hurry for a 13% jump yet, but I do get a shiny badge!


Definitely want to keep having fun and also have eight of each one of these dinosaurs at level 40 I’m already at the half way point now comes the push to eight so good luck to everyone hopefully everyone reaches their goals image image image image image image image image image image image image


I believe the Indoraptors are strong enough that you do not need Amphibians at the same level especially since the only one that is close is the Gorgosuchus with its terrible cool down time. I currently only have one level 30 and 4 at level 20 and they do the job I need. I find I want more pterosaurs than anything else and that is to combat any high level amphibian, the Indoraptor takes care of the other three classes. You would only need to speed up two evolutions, the one from two level 30s to one level 40 and then the fuse with the level 40 and the SDNA. After that it would just be slow hatching an Indoraptor as an incubation chamber opens up or as you feel like it. Just my 2 cents.

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My personal goals for 2020 will be fulfilled earlier than I thought. I wanted to evolve diplosuchus at level 40 and as it seems it will only take me two more months to fulfil it . After that , I will have finished with all dinosaurs I desperately wanted to be in my collection (few , compared to the most players of my level , but just enough for me ) and I will start to make my park more decorated , organized and beautiful. After I done with this too, I will decrease my game activity . I have a lot study this year as I have to take the final examinations to join university. After fulfilling my game goals , I will just wait until a new beautiful hybrid introduced to the game (especially a crocodilian ).