Goals of Jurassic World Alive?

So here’s my goals:
Get Carno to level 30
Get T rex to max
Get onto the best 200 leaderboard. (not gonna happen any time soon lol)
Get every Carno hybrid to max (nope gonna happen in anytime soon)
This is just my goals for the game and uh post your goals in the replies.

  • Complete the Dinodex.
  • Get all of the creatures in my dream team.
  • Max my dream team.
  • Max Spinosaurus Gen 2, Kentrosaurus, Utahraptor and Parasaurolophus Lux.

i wish you good luck with the dinodex, i already have problems with some creatures that are region exclusive.

Thanks. I already have all continentals as my alliance is part of some sanctuary co-ops, just missing a few Uniques, the new creatures from the update and all Apexes.