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Goat and its (soon) hybrid!



is this the bigger and badder of the goats boss

how is it a wild card? it has no cunning moves

Look closer at cleansing scapegoat. It distracts

I remember when I first fought the goat strike tower.

I was slaughtered


I remember the goat strike myself. First time I did 1 over 17k damage, and still is my only time I did.

Join the party, buddy

but this is a nerfed version bc it would be playable

Hopefully (10 characters)

the common goat boss has 9000+ hp!
this is a model of a hopefully playable version
that is why i came up with a hybrid

9k can be handled with Dot and rending attack

If that’s not possible then I will release my Indom
and Thor

relax! this is your average creature
around 5.2K hp!

That’s nice to hear