Goat cash bug?

So I remember the last goat tower had 1-2 bucks to retry, but this one has 200. Is this intended?

And the reward was 11250 instead of the normal 15000 for master lvl strikes

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Hey PyraandMythra, the retry cost for the Triple Gruff strike is 200 Cash.


Might be because of the possibility of DNA for the new Panda :panda_face:?:thinking:

I got compy and srg2. :frowning:

What :sauropod: s did you use to beat them? How long did it take to defeat? :thinking:

I used Mortem, IndoT, and then Skoona

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Got them on my 2nd try. Lvl 27 indot did most of the work. Started out with skoona, didn’t make a dent in the big guy, then Indo cleaned up, and the lvl 27 srg3 got the last one

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Well… thanks for the info. Annoyed at Ludia tho….


This is a scam!

I remember this aswell!

I was 100% of this.



5 green cash!

Indotaurus beats the 3 of them pretty easily.

A boosted mortems takes care of all 3 no problem.