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Gobber Duties Reset

Hi there. Since the new update, all Gobber weekly duties are gone and the next duties arrive in 4 plus days. I was not finished with this week’s duties, having only one more collectible to get from Trader Johan in order to finish the last duty, receiving 225M Fish, and after completing that would receive the Weejly Gobber pack.

I got the notification that trader Johan had new items for me, clicked it, went into the newly updated game, purchased the final item I had to purchase only to return to the duties and see them wiped out.

Weekly duties are sometimes impossible, and this week I had actually completed them all, your programming has glitches that are no fault of mine and therefore I should receive the missing rewards.

Please credit my account with the 225M fish earned and the Weekly Gobber pack rewards.

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5 days and not a word… this customer support is atrocious

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