Gobber’s duties

I want to complain. I and my family do not like the new Gobber’s duties. We have been playing this ga6f ok for a long time, its been our favorite game. But now we may stop playing it. Please put it back to the old way. It helped a lot to be able to get the pack, faster with the new way we haven’t been able to get the pack at all


Thanks for the feedback, Margarita125. May I ask what had made it harder to obtain the packs for you?

Hey there Margarita125, As @Ned said, is there a specific duty or duties that are too hard for you to complete?

You can’t complete them all without speeding up things using runes. And unless you buy runes its out of reach. Like defeating more than one fleet in defending Burke or getting 2-4 million fish or wood. It’s not possible without speeding up. But when there was it was possible to get at least one Gobber’s pack a day.

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When there was only three to achieve it was easier.

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Uh… not sure why defeating fleets is hard. You used to get ‘get 8-10 keys’ goals, which requires beating three fleets. If you have a good stable of defenders, you only have to wait a few minutes in between.

The objective that’s fairly nasty is “send Toothless on an exploration”. Given that you sometimes need to send Toothless on explorations that take more than 24 hours, that goal basically blocks you from part of the game. (OTOH, sending Light Fury seems to satisfy that goal, which helps.)

I don’t love the “send dragons on journeys”, either, since it requires grinding through the journey (frequent logins) every day, and costs runes to send them (which you no longer recoup from the prize wheel since the addition of amber). At best, if you manage to complete everything, you can hope to get those runes back from Gobber’s pack. This implies you’re only doing the 2-12 rune journeys, of course.

That said, is it just me, or are the objectives always the same? (So far I’ve had 3 days in a row with no changes…)

My biggest complaint is that it’s harder to get a Gobber’s Pack, but the packs are still practically worthless. 10 runes is a decent haul, which is just stupid, especially for dragon riders deeper into the daily rune grind. For the effort, watching 2 ads would be easier and have similar payout. It’s basically just an extra mystery pack. What would make it worthwhile would be if it gave 100+ runes, or rare items, or had a chance of a premium dragon.


I agree. The amounts of fish/wood is rediculous. I was able to get one pack with everything done yesterday but it took me all bloody day. This is stupid the requirements are stupid, the timeline is stupid


And while we are on the topic of Gobbers duties, What are the popcorn looking things?

It’s the $ making/spending. They don’t care, it’s all about the game making money, our money

Is it a bug that as soon as you complete the required number of duties, the number of duties increases?
Yesterday it asked for 120 duties. today it asked for 12, until I finished all 12 then it asked for 50, and later on, 64? (and of course there are only 12 duties assigned.) still haven’t gotten a single pack since Gobber’s duties was changed.
Update: today (Feb 8,2020) Gobber wants 103 duties done!?#*!?


The “Popcorn looking things”? - those are flowers, collect them for items in a special Valentines Market.

I was buying Runes sometimes, but why buy runes then have to waste them to accomplish the tasks to get Gobbers pack.

OK, thank you but I don’t see the necessity of getting 450 million fish/wood for 15 of those🙄 I am done with Gobber duties anyway because the rewards are pretty pointless anyway. Upgrading to higher levels of Meade Hall is costing more and more with LESS in return to the player. I’m about done with this game…


I have given up trying to actually get a pack now. It’s not worth it.

My focus is the seasonal resources (Freya’s Flowers currently) and then if I get something else through normal gameplay that’s a bonus.

I thought with having to do more, the pack would have more cards, or maybe a chance at a rarer dragon but it’s the same as it was for completing 3 tasks before.


The wood and fish requirements are the ones that are the worst. All the other Gobber duties (so far) have been accomplished within the new time frame.

I had to log in every 30 min to send off harvesters for wood and that still isn’t getting close. I’ve been lucky brawl rewards (when packs are full) has helped. Even fish we’ve only succeeded by releasing spare dragons that are worth 2million plus fish when released.

It went from being tasks that my 8 year old could accomplish to him basically saying, “well no more Gobber decks”. Seems a bit mean to casual players who don’t get a lot of time on the game.


I’m done. I’m not releasing dragons to get fish etc. if they can’t make this more adequate, I’ll be done with the game, as a PAYING dragon rider. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: 6 duties a little more reasonable would be due!


I have 12/12 and no packet.

Hey bilkie, I’m sorry about that. Our team is looking into this at the moment. Could I ask you to write an email to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com? Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well.


You basically gave us 4 times the duties for half the reward. And even as most duties are fine to complete on their own, the rewards are okayish at best. Also without either doubling the value of the cards in Gobbers pack or it containing twice the amount of them you just cut his worth in half.
Gobbers dutys are no longer worth aiming to complete and are now just “meh” I take what I get along the way meaningless side part of the game.
Either reduce his requests to 8/10 out of 12 to get his pack or MASSIVELY increase the rewards the pack gives, otherwise he just became totally worthless.


I emailed support as you suggested, meanwhile I tried a few things and found that the number of duties increases for me each time I relaunch the app on any given device. so I went to app info, cleared storage for Dragons (and had to run through the tutorial and reconnect with Facebook to get my game progress) , and the number of required tasks reset to 12 - so I did one last duty and got my pack.
It might be less work to just clear the cache - but I haven’t tried that yet.- and won’t be able to do so until the next set of duties tomorrow.

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