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Gobber’s duties

I must admit, the card pack requirements are often what do me in. I’m not sure which card packs it is actually counting for this requirement, but it must not be any of the card packs having to do with brawls. Here is hoping that improves.

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For the second day in a row I cannot get a gobber pack due to the daily reward button not working. ie, it doesn’t change colour when i log in or let me click on it. Also, the tasks are three times what they would normally be and the reward is less than for one pack previously. This is a total waste of time trying to complete it.

Hey jsmanclark, I’m sorry that you are experiencing this issue. Our team is looking into this at the moment. I would suggest to contact our support team here at Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well.

That’s… surprising. In fact, that makes me wonder if you are not doing a very good job managing your collection team.

I have wood/fish storage maxed out (the goal evidently scales to your level; my guess is that it is 90% capacity), so for me the goals are 1.8G. While that may sound like a lot, the reality is I get that in about six hours; I can easily complete those goals just by having all my collectors out collecting before I go to sleep. (What is your max dragon level that you don’t have collection times in hours?)

OTOH, I also have all the collection spots. Maybe the problem is that those goals should scale with capacity and number of collection spots?

That said, as a lot of others are also noting, Gobber’s Packs are hardly worthwhile anyway

The brawl packs are token packs. Those are indeed different from card packs. I guess it means the ones you can buy (runes/odin-coins/cash), but your 6-hour mystery packs also count. If you just log in twice a day, you should be completing that goal.

Then the game lost it’s ability to count.

I’m also unsatisfied with the new Gober’s tasks…12 tasks for a day. It was much easier to save runes with old 3 tasks. I’m not denying that there was some problematic tasks as a get 8 keys or win without using catapult, but at least you could raise runes, if you are lucky you’d gain up to 90 runes per day with doing 6 tasks.
Even now I don’t see a reason to make it 12 tasks while some of them aim to get ‘‘flowers’’…while I do some mission and get runes or raw amber from Gobber I accept it but getting flower from him seems to me funny)) I miss you Old Gobber’s Missions T_T

8 keys is easy, it takes at least 30 minutes (15 minutes twice for Defend Berk to reset) and a good stable of defenders. Winning without the catapult is also easy with strong defenders; for later-stage players like myself these goals are just a matter of putting in the time to actually play through a Defense. They might be hard for lower level players, however; I couldn’t really say, it’s been too long…

Personally, the flower tasks are the ones I always do. I’m hoping I might have a chance to actually buy Crubble, or at least Duskgust.

I verified the behavior again today. After I opened the first 6 hour card pack, the game stopped counting card packs that I opened. That kind of makes it impossible to complete Gobber’s duties.

Winning without using catapuly is also easy with STRONG defenders. I think you don’t understand something dude. The majority of players are of lower level, who does not play whole time. And about those flower missions, I hope they will be separate from Gobber’s duties, cause again that’s a lot of missions to get only 1 pack for a DAY, while you could get 2 packs for a day before update.

And about 8 keys, as long as you defeat pirates they get stronger and there will come a time when you can’t win just by dragons but will be relying on catapult.

Strange… all I can tell you is it works for me. Try contacting support? (And hope they answer; I still haven’t seen a reply to a ticket I filed several days to a week ago.)

Mmm… this is only true up to a point; it seems that around 200 or so, they stop getting stronger. I remember another player mentioning being on 650 or something and that they’re still stupidly easy (granted, this is with level 100+ dragons). Still, that’s why, at lower levels, you only defend (successfully) when you have to, to complete a duty.

Of course, it’s moot now since the only defend-related goal is to participate… as in, spend the wood, send in a weak dragon, and take the loss. Repeat. Task complete!

Ok…650 long way to go. And yes, they made it perfect with not winning but participating. The main complain comes however for a large number of tasks which takes lots of time(if you do not know how to manage it). The second reason is that as I said low lvl players spend not much time in game(lack of runes to open new islands with new fish and wood spots, if you are not dragon rider). And I guess main problem lyes with gathering fish and wood which deprives the chance from completing tasks in time and getting Gobber’s pack.

Actually I do complete all the tasks, but the only thing I’m dissatisfied with is that I’m getting only one pack per day;(

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Good advice, I’ll reach out to the, over the weekend

I found a work around. If i wait a card pack is available and I click on gobbers duties, and then click on the do it button for card packs, the game will count the card pack I just opened.

First I thought as well Gobber’s duties became worse after the update but then I saw that most requierements take care of itself, eg gathering fish and wood, sending legendary dragons, sending dragons on journies. In the end it’s the three or more brawls why I don’t get Gobber’s duties. Because I don’t like that feature very much. That’s as well the reason why I didn’t get many Gobber’s duties before the update. So nothing changed. Except that I now get 11 times some runes, raw amber or these new flowers. The G. duties themselves where never as interesting as the things I got on the way to get them; the route is the goal. Hope you understand what I mean, takes some time I wrote in english last time…
And now there are these weekly duties, I remarked yesterday. Should be possible to finish them, I wonder what will be among those cards.

I don’t like the new setup of Gobber’s Duties either.

  • we used to get them twice a day before: 6 duties, 2 rewards
  • now it’s once/day, 12 duties (at my level) and one reward
  • the new Freya’s flowers are a new reward instead of the other, so we get less runes/amber in exchange for seasonal decorations ?
  • 2 defend berk missions / day, again at my level, means at least 250M wood that I could use to gather iron and level dragons (and if I am lucky I get 15-20 back if I win and choose the right keys)
  • I don’t know others, but I do need to sleep and that means I have only 18 hours to finish if the first and last thing I do before and after bed is playing the game.
  • the rewards were small already before, but now they are just not worth the effort.
    It only make sense if one spends money to buy runes to finish early enough… and after all that’s the point of the game isn’t it ?

OTOH, you probably get that much back if you do complete everything. I’ve actually been doing the duties more with the new system than with the old. (Though I agree I wish brawl would just die already.) Anyway, I don’t know what we’re doing differently, but I frequently have more wood than I can spend; 10G in mail right now. If I don’t log in every couple hours to keep sending dragons for iron, I can’t even spend what I collect in a day. (For perspective, I was initially nervous about the “collect 18G” weekly tasks, until I realized I blow through them in 3 days.)

So far, I haven’t had trouble completing everything within 13-14 hours. (And no, I’m not spending runes on anything, except for buying extra exploration bags sometimes, especially during a collection event.)

Well… many things in the game are tied to the level. Higher duties get higher rewards. I can imagine that the parameters that regulate this are not easy to tune and there have been times when I had too much fish, or too much wood (never too much raw amber…).
At lower levels one has to decide where to spend the resources available…

I agree! Lots of work for such a small pittance! Also, the costs have gone up dramatically! I feel like these games are run by the mafia in Vegas…