Gobbers Shop what a rip off!

OMG I’m actually brassed off by this! After weeks of collecting Fish and Wood to covert into the rip off that is iron, I got my 30 pieces to build Gobbers Shop. Wait 48 hours and then find out once built, that to progress any further I have to spend 3000 of the runes I’ve either paid for or spent the last 6 months saving up for a dragon that let’s face it has absolutely gargage stats.

Bad form Ludia, bad form!

My interest in this game is now zero, you just lost a player.

If you count iron a rip off your dragons are way to low in level AND you have the wrong ones. Iron is an endgame resource and unless your flock is 112+ you won’t get much done in that regard. Be patient and slowly level up, it gets a lot easier. Also look in the book and filter for iron collectors, this will help with getting better dragons for it.


What @Grond86 said… and read Tips for collecting iron (seriously, that post should be pinned). Also, I don’t know why you’re surprised that Grump (I assume that’s the dragon we’re talking about) costs runes; all the rider’s dragons had to be purchased with runes IIRC.

Thanks, @Isabelle! That thread is super-helpful, I’ve referenced it at least three times.

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Not Meatlug