God I love this game!


I’ve played a lot of the “go” themed games but this is by far my favourite one and the fact that you can collect what you need rather than having to make an “In app” purchase is so relieving


Shhh. This is the forum for whiners and complainers.


spit take


I agree. I have nothing but good things to say about this game. Bugs happen. So does the weather. Complaints change neither.

The game is awesome, and worth my time invested to play it. Nuff said!


Nothing wrong with a well thought out and articulated complaint… they are called criticism when you can back them up. Glad you enjoy the game :+1:t2:. Overwhelmingly I do too


We need a thread for the positive comments. Thank you @Nalini_Kemp


In this imperfect world, every good things need constructive criticisms. The intention is no other that to make it better.
Issues such as coins limits, darts, costs of levelling up dinos, bugs in the game (there are many to be listed…:sweat_smile:…) should be highlighted. Some has already been addressed. We hope for the others to materialized. Hopefully soon.
Issues like “I am not winning because that dino is too strong, this dino is OP and need to be nerf” should not be entertained.
To all, good luck on the forthcoming tournament. See you all in the battle arena…:+1::muscle: