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Godzilla Collaboration!

Anyone want ludia to do a Godzilla collab?

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Wdym? Like, put godzilla in jurassic world alive?

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Yeah, they add godzilla ro to the game as an event only!

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I mean, would be nice but…

we already have a godzilla in game

but i dont think its gonna happen

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If the game is already based on the jp series i don’t realy see ludia colabing with anyone. I woul only see them colabong with wildcard maybe and then adding g2 creatures that are modeld after the ark creatures(m. Lion g2, megalosaur g2, maybe a legendary mammoth that has the branching tusks of arks mammoth), i could also see them adding more hybrids that represent ark creatures(like how dilophoboa is basicly ark’s titanoboa) like adding megalania fusing it with an eagle and making a rock drake. But yeah other then somehow wildcard i don’t realy see jwa colabb


No. Absolutely not. 100% no.
And this is coming from one of the biggest Godzilla fans you’ll meet.

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Why pay for additional IP when you can create and license your own creatures?

If Godzilla was in Jwa, not only will we be asking it to be nerfed, it will Complety have Insane Stats and Plus it would complety Just crash the game. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Godzilla, I loved him For a long time, but I don’t think he will ever be in this game.

2800 dmg
9390 hp
104 speed
75% crit chance
10% armor

While this would be awesome I don’t see it happening any time soon.

Mmm… IT’S OP