Godzilla KotM

Completely unrelated to the game.
Go see Godzilla: King of the Monsters.
It was spectacular.
My heart is soaring after the first viewing.
I’ve been a Godzilla fan since birth, pretty much. This movie went above and beyond my expectations.


Every once in awhile, it makes an appearance in the Arena. :wink:


I second this. Kotm was amazing.


I’ve heard from reviews it was pretty bad.

But I want to see it for my self.

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Listen to me, @K.rex. It was pretty…AWESOME! :+1:


100%, one of the best movies ever. I can’t swear on the forums, but I think everyone knows what I mean when I say it was _ _ _ _ _ _.


The previews look cool, the CGI effects look amazing. I’m hoping to see it maybe this weekend.


Critics nowadays are monkeys.
Like, c’mon, they gave average movies like Black Panther good scores because “hurt durr SJ” or straight up abominations like The Last Jedi.

But if it ain’t Disney, it’s trash. Look at Fallen Kingdom, look at King of Monsters and Venom. Audiences loved those (rightfully so), only those tardigrades say “but it bad”.

King of Monsters was really damn good. Personally I liked 2014 Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island more, because I can’t help but feel the ending was a little bit… Rushed? I wasn’t exactly super happy with the conclusion, but it was okay. I guess.

Rest of the movie was fantastic.


Also, without spoilers, but…

MOTHRA WAS SUCH A KICKASS LADY! :heart_eyes: :muscle::butterfly:


Saw it with my son yesterday - drove 2 hours to see it in our nearest IMAX. As a coherent movie that makes any sense whatsoever, it was a bit of a train wreck - as 2 hours of unadultered entertainment with great visuals and sound, it was awesome. Check your brain at the door and enjoy WWE for titans.

As Dr Serizawa said in the HISHE take on Godzilla - “Let them fight!” :slight_smile:


In the preview there were a mother and daughter trying to touch one on the nose, was that Mothra? I couldnt tell.


Yes it was, or more accurately the larva Mothra




Anyone going into it expecting Oscar worthy human stuff will be sorely disappointed. But any true G-fan will not be expecting that at all.
I love all the Godzilla movies, but I honestly couldn’t name a character or describe the plot of most, aside from Gojira. It’s all about the kaiju. As long as I know where THEY are coming from, what THEIR motivations are, and how THEY feel… I’m great. And this movie is GREAT at that.
I don’t feel the human aspect of it was even as bad as people say, but it’s definitely not perfect.


Yes, that was baby Mothra.


Unlocked the same day of its release xD

Have yet to see it. But can’t wait.


Well, I mean, it’s true and isn’t at the same time.

Like, as you said, don’t expect absolutely groundbreaking character development or some crazy plot conspiracy like Batman vs Superman or The Dark Knight.

But imo the human characters were great.

WARNING :warning:
Minor spoilers ahead.

The eco-terrorist (Jonas?) was a true monster and the perfect counterpart of Ghidorah, an anarchist who wants to watch the world burn. Same as how Sarisama was the human counterpart of Gojira.

Also, Sarisama’s fate was truly touching. He just completed his life goal.

Moira (?) had her God(dess) complex really beautifully portrayed. She also has a very well-defined character ark.

The kid was basically what Jurassic Park movie Lex wished to be.

I don’t remember the name of the father, but he was alright as well. Arguably a painfully average character and borderline a discount Dr. Grant, but he is alright.

I really don’t get what is bad in those main characters.

Then there was the scientists lady who was comic relief, but damn I laughed my head off every time she randomly dropped some very obscene cursing in the most random of moments. Loved how feisty she was, despite looking like a timid person.


Been out darting all day, time for a shower and some nom nom.

After that its Godzilla time! Gonna go see it tonight. :wink:

I’ll check in when I get back.


Ok, that was a fun movie. :slight_smile:

SFX was great and it wasn’t all dark and hard to see what was going on, most of the time anyway.

Took a bit to get going, but I thought the story was decent so it all built up nicely.

Can’t say too much about it without spoilers, but there were a few small non-relevent parts that were just great, like the jet fighter pilot who had to eject…, the whole theater lol’d at that one. :joy:

Definately worth the see though, if for nothing else then just for the monster fights.

There were a few parts that didnt make sense, but, well, its a movie, lol.


I thought it was fantastic

It’s a good year for movies!