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Going back to an old long term goal

Since boosts have radically and irrevocably altered the nature of the arena, I find myself no longer interested in trying to be competitive in the sense that a great high score and climbing the leaderboard is a goal. To do this you must boost - and continue to boost. Since we were given a fresh start I refuse to get caught up in that caucus race again.

I’m going back to an old goal. When the game first started the bots you faced were teams of all L30 epics. They were so tough! I only ever beat it once and it was the best feeling! I’m going back to working on building that team. All L30 epics (unboosted of course).

This is what I have and am working on (for now) -

L30 gorgo
L30 dimodactylus
L29 thyla
L29 procera
L27 spinotah
L26 Nodopato
L26 Pterano
L24 erlik
L24 stegocera
L23 rex
L20 indomG2
L20 raja

Out of that dozen I want to build my team. I’m staying away from possible superhybrid ingredients, such as edmontoguano (L24), and koola, but I may keep going with purrutaurus, since I’m not all that jazzed about farkus, I mean tarkus. Dioraja is already L30, so raja wins there. I may go with smilodon too, since pachy and turtle are added so slowly, while I find quite a bit of smilodon on Mondays… anyway. That’s the goal. A nice team of all L30 epics. Hmmm, I do have a lot of posti ingrediants… yeah, posti is getting leveled up as coins allow.

So, any new goals for you now that the game has changed for good?


My long term goal, which honestly could take some years, is to finish my collection and get everything to max level. It was my goal originally, and still is. I’m a big completionist and the end of this goal is ever changing. Short term right now is to complete the dinodex. 16 more to go until new things come out.


This is the best way to play the game. Set yourself goals rather follow everyone else. It’s about having fun.

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I finished the dex before 1.9, then they added the sanctuary only dinos, which really prevents me from making carbocera (the only one I don’t have now). I was glad I did it once, but don’t feel the need to do it anymore.

Good luck to you!

my goal is to finish trex(27) and indom(25).


Yeah the sanctuary only creatures are annoying, but if i can mainly focus on one new dino at a time while slowly gathering dna form the wild and the alliance, I’ll eventually get there. working on the hardest ones first. Smilon, then maxima, then gamini. I’ll have to see where i’m at with everything else in half a year. :upside_down_face:

I’ve already hit my two goals today



My old long term goal since launch was max out all rex bloodline as I really love rex

But apparently there are a lot of candidates showing up so let’s review it a little;

lv.29 Tyrannosaurus rex (Epic)
lv.30 Indominus (Legendary)
lv.30 Indoraptor (Unique)
lv.30 Erlidominus (Unique)
lv.24 Trykosaurus (Unique)
lv.15 Tyrannosaurus rex (Rare)
lv.20 Tyrannolophosaur (Legendary)
lv.24 Tenontorex (Unique)
lv.24 Indominus rex (Epic)
lv.16 Indoraptor (Legendary)

Yes, it still be long way :slight_smile:

I’m back to my long term goal on my 2nd account of level 20-21 teams which is where I’ll stop.

I had gotten up to 100 creatures level 15-16 but kinda killed this 20-21 plan because of the rat problem but the meta is changing where most in this range are not using them. I see a lot more of the newer creatures coming up to this level with all the good swap in abilities which are a lot more fun to play and play against.

I’m now hovering at 3000 and this was today’s team. It’s mostly evasive and with the change, it has made taking risks more rewarding.


Nice! You inspired me to keep my 2nd account at level 19 dino’s, but the epic strike towers and battles have made me realize I need uniques and level 20 dinos at least. Well there goes my plan

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Just want to complete my dinodex, only 2 left there (2 turtle hybrids) and level all my legendaries to 20, epics to 15 and rares to 10 for now ^^

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My goal is to complete my Dinodex too. In fact the turtle hybrids are the only ones I have left for me as well. :slightly_smiling_face::turtle:

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Same for me, arena has no sense any more. So my goal: completing the Dinodex (2 turtle hybrids missing), getting one Dino to level 30 and then stop playing and enjoy more family quality time again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: