Going Casual: The Final Step

Note: This is not an “I Quit” thread.

Credit card hassles often cause hiccups in the VIP Subscription flow and as many times as it happened, I’ve resubscribed on time… until recently.

Since mid-2020 till now, I’ve been a VIP player; and since February 2020 till late May 2021 a hardcore grinder. Due to reasons my time with JWtG shortened since May. It went from doing only all Tournaments + SV and RR; then to only Tournaments, and now only those Tournaments of creatures I have not unlocked. I even skipped a VIP Tournament.

As for the VIP benefits… I hardly used them for maxing 10 creatures after going casual. Had my questions about the subscription renewal but Jonathan from support was very kind and cleared my doubts. It stands quite clear that I have not even been using the benefits much.

About the game itself, unfortunately all that has genuinely interested me this year is a grand total of one : Scorpius Rex.

I like the Boss vs Boss feature too but just no longer get time enough to play. There have been times when I’ve not even logged in for a whole week at a stretch if it has a Tournament for a creature I have unlocked.

With this in mind I have decided to discard my subscription for the time being. In the future I may resubscribe if I regain interest in the game. The subscription does not seem necessary anymore to me at this point only hence do not mind letting it go. However I shall stay with the Game and still do what I have been doing for so long - play tournaments of creatures I have not unlocked; and of course, admire the beautiful creatures. :slightly_smiling_face:


I wish you the best of luck and as always: May the Oil be with you. :grin:


I understand how you feel. I’m not interested in multi day cooldown Dino’s. Furthermore, the game adds nothing to get you to move above L1 Indoraptor.

I feel I’m near the end of my run.

I really liked the playable boss event when the rewards was one forever locked Dino. But now that they are nerfed… pass.

Oh, how I long for the world to be new again.


Same. Bbbbbb


This is perfection… :joy: