Going Down! :D


So, as others have done before, I’m going down the arena ladder - for a couple of reasons.

First, I seem to have hit a plateau: I now win as often as I lose, so I don’t currently break 2800.

Secondly, I’m seeing a handful of hybrids I’ve never encountered before, which is cool, but it occurs to me that I missed a lot on my way up to where I am if so many people now have hybrids. I never even unlocked half of the dinosaurs found in other arenas.

Thirdly, I’m tired of Velociraptor spam. Oh, it’s not OP, but I’m tired of the meta being so raptor-centric with counters specifically for them. I missthe simplicity of people battling withjusy whatevet they had.

So with out further ado, from the scrapings of the bottom of the genetic barrel, I give you: the D-Team!

So if you see me, beat me over the head and climb on over my corpse, but if you’re new to the game let me be your freebie incubator as you get familiar with your dinosaurs to take on my former adversaries and beyond :slight_smile:

Have fun!


Awwww, wonder when we’ll meet in combat now! :stuck_out_tongue: good luck in your climb down! I wish you lots of losses until you get to the arena you want.


Ah mate, don’t climb down!

I’m the same, just got a touch over 2800 and now been beaten down HARD! suddenly went from close matches to sudden rock hard team line ups with sky high levelling on their dinos.


Yeah, there’s good matches to be had in our bracket :smiley:
Thing is, though, I was planning this for awhile. I hate the Indominus on principle - I’m a Rex fan, myself - but if going down gets me closer for completion’s sake, then I’m good for it.

Besides, I feel a little bad that some of these other dinosaurs are considered “junk” because they aren’t top-tier, and I’d really like to try them ALL out at appropriate levels. Once I hit rock bottom again, I’m going to work my way up and stay as level-appropriate as possible to get a feel for all of them and give 'em a little time in the spotlight.


That’s actually sweet. In fact, it makes me almost want to do the same. I haven’t even had the chance to try my shiny new Stygimoloch in combat yet, because I know she is just plain bad for Arena 7. However, I completely fell in love with her watching the movie and I’d love to try her out if I wasn’t in a constant sense of competition right where I am. But what can I say, incubators in Arena 7 are the best (despite having less chance of giving you what you want (Pyroraptor tho!)) and I feel like it’s taken me so much effort to get here, I’m afraid to leave. But I do get your point. Enjoy the game :t_rex:


Stygimoloch is actually even bad in Arena 4, so yeah … must be the moveset itself.


Still, with my current team I believe I could survive having a bad dinosaur in arena 4 :stuck_out_tongue: and at least I’d get to see her attack <3


I’m not really too competitive, myself, so my plummeting rating is more “progress” than it is “loss,” at the moment. Besides, if I am actually any good at this game, I’ll be able to work my way back up in good time.

Besides, if they really are working on being able to battle friends for fun, we can try all of our favourites and not have to meet up in any packed arena!


That would be so lovely! I hope they do that. I don’t even have any real life friend that plays this game but I might in the future and the idea of not being able to battle them is so annoying.


Currently doing that as well :grin::raised_hands: it takes a while but it’s quite fun


If you’re tanking ranks, try to be decent and choose the weakest attack and next dino manually. It’s super aggravating battling someone who lets the clock run out every action.

You lose quicker, they win quicker… it’s a win/win scenario for both of you! :smiley:


Oh definitely. I don’t afk myself to inconvenience others.

Besides, it’s fun to see what my opposition will allow me to defeat. So far I’ve managed to down a Spinosaurus, Einiosuchus, and some flat-faced epic dimetrodon-gator whose name escapes me.

None of my opponents have to wait more than 2 seconds for me to make a move :slight_smile:


Same, i dont go afk :slight_smile: hehe


If I go afk, I don’t get to see how much of an ankle-biter I am:

Which is its own brand of fun, let me tell you… :wink:


Wonder of wonders, I won one. :open_mouth:


Epic Dimetrodon = Secodontosaurus


This is a somewhat exciting endeavour. I mean, how close is that???


Dont give up… It takes time… I went up then down and up and down lol. Trying to get into the top 300 with my B team… Lol! Uploading…


I would like to do this too, but the better number of dna you get from incubators and the much more coin you get from high lvl Arena are much needed for me :confused: