Going down the arenas


Tfw you drop down an arena but you convince yourself and others that you are doing it because you need a specific dino…1lep1u


Sooooooo real !
And to be honest, now that Raja’s weekend is coming and the tournament has began, I need to find another excuse :sweat_smile:


Aiming to progress is fun to start but long term would require you increasingly play more and spend more. It’s only a game don’t ruin your life over it.

Ive changed my team to dino’s I enjoy playing. Which results in me bouncing between Arena 7 and 8. No tears in my eyes either direction. It’s about playing not the score.

Yeah Arena 7 incubators total trash. :sob: playing what I like still worth the loss.


Yea I do not need the dinos for the arena I am in now


I really only drop to farm Stgymoloch. I’d work up to mid-low Lockdown then drop to Mid-Upper high Badlands, rinse repeat. I’ll be doing this until I get Paramoloch. (110/200)