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Going for my first unique, suggestions?

Closing in on my first unique here soon and I’m up in the air on what to go after. My options are as follows


I have Indominus at level 20 and enough DNA to get raptor there+several fuses of each to go for Indoraptor, however I just got IndoG2 today and not sure if I would need both Indoraptors on my team

Also have enough Sino DNA to fuse for Thor and pretty good amounts of Tarbo to get him to 20.

Earlidominus and Tryko would be more of a long game plan as I’m about a third of the way to getting Erlikosaurus to level 20 and just made Akyntrosaurus last night. Rex is about 1000 DNA from level 20.

I’ve been partial towards Earlidominus but also like the looks of Tryko with his armour. Just wanted some opinions of more veteran players!

Also closing in on Grypolyth, but needing more Purrolyth to get there. I plan on it being one I go after in addition to what I choose above and would appreciate some thoughts on how it is.

Thanks everyone!

Here is my current roster as well!

Erlidom/Indo for porcus or suchus as bleeders and the dr nerf hurt bad right nkw

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just go for indo to get started so you can get high enough into estate to start getting erliko. Then go for thor, then erlidominus, then tryko. Tryko is a long shot if you can’t find kentrosaurus. You will find that rex is the easy part.

Make the 2 Indom hybrid first, then Tryko. Indoraptor will be a beginner, but Thor can do too(though it’s significantly less powerful than Indo)

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Tryko is the best, Erlidom is slightly weaker. These 2 are viable even in highest arenas.
Indoraptor is decent, but he’s very easy to make, allowing you to overlevel him, making him great too.
Thor is the worst one, even when overleveled. He becomes a monster when you overboost his speed, but in other cases he sucks and should be replaced with a better unique


A high speed Thor is good for short game, it sucks when you go to Gyrosphere, where speedsters are 150+ speed. For Nitro Thors it’s either be faster or die.

so don’t use thor. I’m gonna replace allosino with it. I think if I overlevel indominus, it can beat an erlidom. It would just be a nice surprise to most opponents. Only level 20 but can do the attack of a 24 and has more speed than a gorgosuchus.

Indoraptor, it’s the best starter unique IMO

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A picture of the components and how much you ACTUALLY have would be useful

Also what is your home area (most common dinos) as this might dictate what you go for?

I dunno it’s taken me a bit and I don’t know if his conversation is still relevant but erlidom. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks and I’ve seen it’s stats and they’re really good.

Thordoralosaur is just a lot of tarbo dna and for me is hard to come by. And indoraptor even though it got a buff awhile back, it still doesn’t have immunity, and it’s attacks are ok. But that’s my own personal choice and you can do whatever ye want