Going on an amphib strike... or something

During the last few days trying to plan out my next moves for my game and lineup had me having a hard time figuring out what would be the best use of DNA.

I’ve become pretty content with the current state and depth of my lineup at current ferocity… other than amphibs. I could definitely use a few of those but I haven’t been buying any gorgo’s or ostapo for some time as I’m holding out for a better amphib hybrid. I’ve decided to take it a step further and I am no longer going to buy any new top tier hybrids until there is a new amazing amphib hybrid released.

I will continue to slowly hatch tournament creatures or whatever is needed to unlock the last few remaining hybrids I need and any new ones that get released. Right now I think there are 2 ceno hybrids I don’t have and I am wrapping up Scorpius in the next few days.

The idea being to save a lot of DNA and when that amphib is finally released I can drop some serious DNA and purchase enough of them right out of the gate to fill out my amphib lineup.

The question is how long will I have to wait…

My lineup by class


If ludia release a new super tank amphibian hybrid instead of a glass cannon, we’re blaming you. :wink:


I’ll take responsibility but i honestly feel like that is what they will do.

JWSW meme


You could use some more Gorgosuchus, even if they release one new Amphibian Hybrid you could get a handful of those as well but you are still only limited to two options in that upper ferocity range. If it costs 80,000 a copy, on the 15% discount you are looking at 68,000 a copy so if you need level 11-20 you are looking at 8 total copies for four or 10 for five.

544,000 for 8.
680,000 for 10. Anything above that should be clear to spend on other creatures.


Yeah, a few tanky gorgo’s would be useful, I’ll keep those DNA values in mind, solid points.

The more I play the more I eat crow on things i’ve said or “bashed” in the past, for example.

I always rag on Eyrops for being worthless and the worst tournament amphib, but the funny thing is at my current ferocity level it is probably one of the amphibs I use the most. I put it in lead off sacrifice position all the time for PvE when there is a strong lead off carno.

Guess I owe the flubby creature an apology.

Gorgo is much the same, I voice my dislike about it a lot but it’s still the best amphib in the game :rofl:


In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Gorogo is the best due to lack of other choices.


And Gorgo has a chunky look :sunglasses:

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