Going on holiday abroad don't ban me!


I’m going from UK to USA in a few days. And I’m hoping to get some dinosaurs while im there, please don’t do to me what pokemon go did, and ban me for “spoofing my location” because I’m really not! Thanks.


Safe travels and have fun!! :heart_eyes:


I’m from the US and live in the UK. I went back for a visit this summer and carried on playing throughout the holiday. Wasn’t banned or anything. I wouldn’t worry about it. Enjoy your trip!


Yeah, Pogo sucks. I live in a 3rd world country where the gps sucks as it’ll jump incessantly eventhough I’m on full reception. Kept getting soft banned by Pogo becos of it. So I stopped playing Pogo for a few months. Started it up last week just to see what’s happening to find out that I was not banned anymore but that lasted 1 full day before I was “warned” again - for doing nothing.


It’s not the change in location that will look like spoofing, it’s the change in location with respect to time. If you’re playing in UK and 10 seconds later you’re playing in the US as if you magically teleported across the ocean, that will get you flagged as a spoofer.