Going to fast warning


PLEASEEEE allow us to turn off the stupid “you’re going to fast” warning. I am a passenger and that stupid warning keeps locking up the game. I have had to restart it numerous times today alone making me miss a bunch of dinosaurs. If everyone has this issue I can see why people would spoof their gps. I am begging you to give us the option to put it in passenger mode or something. I am using a new Samsung S7 and have four 4g bars on my phone.

This screen stayed up for over 10 minutes while we gave up on getting the dinos in the park. I only get two bars at my home but usually have wifi there. I didn’t switch over to wifi so I could capture the screen


I have a 2-hour round trip commute to and from work and this game keeps me sane at 7am. But. I notice it struggles to load the map when I’m on the bus or metro, ususally (suspiciously) when passing green park drops… And once I had this message and the VIP ad pop up at once and had to restart the whole game because you can’t close either popup if they appear together. Very frustrating.


I agree it comes up too often, when you press that you are a passenger it shouldn’t come up again so quickly.

However I completely disagree with allowing people to turn it off. You do understand the point of having it right? Turning it off would defeat the purpose entirely! They are more than likely required by law or something to have it on there, and therefore allowing people ti switch it off is not an option.

And to be honest, there are too many morons out there that would game and drive.


Or increase the speed limit to 15 mph for us who are out riding our bikes.


It seems to me it comes on more in stop and go situations! If you are moving it comes on and won’t come on again if you keep moving at the same pace but stop at a stop sign and then proceed it will come on again!

They need to go with speed and also a time frame

Say 15 mph and every 60 seconds to allow for constant stop and go


My observation is that it comes every time only after we do a hunt and the vehicle picks up speed more than X mph.

I know this is irritating and the pop-up comes at the wrong time like when we are picking something. I guess this is to alert/warn, especially for the drive-by hunters.

I think they haven’t given much thought to passenger drive mode, because people might misuse/ put their phone on drive mode and forget to switch back. They would need to put more coding like turn off mode sheet app restart/switch or 1hr limit.


I understand why the warning is in the game I do like the timed limit idea. Like if you are a passenger on a bus, you could turn on “passenger mode” and then maybe have an option of times “15mins, 30mins, 45mins, or 60mins”. At least with the timed option it would limit how often it shows up.

P.S. IF YOU ARE DRIVING AND PLAYING… DON’T! No game is worth what could be loss!


I agree. That would be a good idea. The reason for it popping up is understandable but let us decide how long it stays off before reminding us.


Yup it’s annoying get rid of it messes up the game. Or just ask once per day


They can’t get rid of it, it’s a legal necessity. How can you not understand that?


I understand they need it but to ask every 5 mins is stupid. Once a day is more then enough


Once a day is more than enough? So what is enough then? Once every 2 days?

So lets say people drive to work, they get the warning then, they accept it, then in the evening when they drive home they don’t get the warning. Once a day is far from being enough. You realise there are idiots out there in the world?


Yes I do but why should the smart people pay for the stupid. After one time of showing it Ludia can’t be held responsible for any accidents and that is the only reason we have the passenger pop up. So once a day is enough