Going too fast

Ludia, can something be done to not display the stupid “going too fast” prompt so damn much? Seriously, it comes up like every single minute. I cant tell you how dinos I’ve missed out on when traveling and hunting because as I’m trying to tap a dino and that stupid prompt comes up.


It’s so frustrating and causes my app to freeze when Owen wants to pop up as I try to spin a drop.

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I get it a lot since I keep the app running in the background and glance at it every so often (especially when I’m cycling). So every time I open the app it updates my location, which causes Starlord McRaptorman to pop up and bother me.


Yes that and when you spin a stop and Owen and the Join VIP comes up and the game freezes. I don’t need to see join VIP every three stops I spin.

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Get used to it… that’s all I can tell you! Been going through it since I started!