Gojira hybrids

This thread is here for you to make Kaiju hybrids. Your hybrids may contain anything as long as it has at least one kaiju. You can even fuse Ludia and gojira hybrids!

Here’s some of mine:

Art was made by Amegoji. This hybrid is a mix of Zilla and Godzilla Titanus (Godzilla 2014, 19, and 21.) it’s name is megalajira… it’s attacks: Rolls into a ball, Tail swipe, Hand swipe, Stomp, And of course atomic breath.

Here’s another form of Megajira:

Art creator of this idk who it is, But this is Megajira pyro Mode. A.K.a thermo megajira. It has lasers that can come out of its body like a disco ball, just like 2016 shin Godzilla. Most attacks are the same, except when He swishes his tail it lets out A giant stripe of fire, also the tip of ithe tail can shoot out Laser as well. He can also do a flame force field.

and my final hybrid:

This is Godzilla And muto hybrid. It’s name is “Mulla.”
It’s attacks are just the Muto and Godzilla Attacks, Expect sometimes when it slashes or stabs the enemy, It will inject a substance in the enemy, which slowly drains the blood of them.

Now it’s your turn for the hybrid! Let’s see what u can do!

Working on some more hybrids.

Here’s another hybrid:
Muto, Ghidorah, And Godzilla 2014 All together.

I also drew a prime version (basically a queen bee ) But I couldn’t Find the art for it. IT’s not that much of a difference Because It’s only bigger, has spikes as it’s front Hands, And A diffrent wing shape.

Did I mention that I had to draw this myself?

Anyone wanna Make Mortem Rex as a thermo version?


Whats it made of?


and a old titan.

No godzilla’s in JW Alive pls