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Gold 10k or 20k pack

Is the mastodonsaurus worth getting in the 20k pack this week? I have a level 10 already but didn’t know if it is worth the gamble to get 2 random from 10k packs compared to one. I have had bad luck recently with getting Cenozoic. My last 3 gold have been 2 hyaendons and a orthacantus.

I would say it depends if you are a relatively new or an experienced player. In the beginning I would try to get as many VIPs as possible, no matter which one, which means I would prefer 10k packs.
I personally play now for 3 years and do now invest more and more in 20k and even 50k packs to get dinos I do not yet have at maximum level.


I opened 5 10k today and 3 mastodonsarus. Since the game doesn’t require having the strongest possible Dino’s it’s better to do 10k. I questioned this awhile back. I’m better off having more and balanced.

Here are a level 10 , 30 , and 40

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I also prefer the random 10k packs. Over time, you’ll build up a good, balanced bench.

Hokey 20k packs and specific dinosaurs are no match for a good bench of 10k randoms at your side.


Thank you. I took your advice and got another orthacanthus. Hopefully I get better luck from here on out

20k packs have about 5x the coin/food/dna/dinobucks for 2x the cost.

Like others have said, the 20 and 50k packs are good for getting a specific creature or the less common VIP creatures for badges. For battle line ups, the 10k packs are hard to beat.