Gold and Glory (G&G) Update

  1. My characters are all lv 10, except Cleric at lv 11.
  2. Before update, I could clear lv 20 of Sharpstone Keep, and lv 8 of Frostsilver Mines with ease, sometimes lv 12 with last man standing. Passing lv 8 would not get get me a chest if I didn’t clear lv 12.
  3. Post update: I can clear lv 15 for Sharpstone Keep, lv 10 of Frostsilver Mines.
  4. I can see XP earn from dungeon clearing is way less than before, however, that is NOT the main source of XP earning in this new patch, upgrading your items is.
  5. Before the update, I would do Sharpstone Keep, hoping the chest will be “upgraded” to 8/12/16 hrs with better rewards. Now, I would only do the Frostsilver Mines for the CP rate.
  6. The chance of getting one Epic item in G&G is 1-(5/6)^2 if I can clear lv 10 of Frostsilver Mines, which is 30%.
  7. Even the game allow the use of Epic items starting at lv 7, and Legendary at lv 9, these are not the proper level to actually found/use them. I still use some common and rare items (especially the Cleric’s common head gear), I see the game expect lv 1-5 to use common, 6-10 to use rare, 11-15 to use Epic, 16+ to use Legendary.
  8. If you adjust your expectation, the drop of the game makes more sense post-update.
  9. A party of lv 5 or lower should only try Sharpstone Keep and fight up to the second boss, and party of lv 6-10 can try up to 3 boss fight in the Sharpstone Keep, or 1st boss in second dungeon.
  10. For Sharpstone Keep, if you pass the first boss, you get your 50gp back, or something of equivalent value (gears when you sell back), you earn extra if you pass 2nd boss fight, that’s how you stack up GP to upgrade.
  11. For Frostsilver Mines, if one can defeat 1st boss, the rewards from d6 are 150 gp equivalent, or 500 gp if you get the Epic item, which is 16.7%, actually not bad for the level and time used.
  12. The worst of pre-update was the XP gain per day cap, now it is lifted, you may run as many as you want. Again, if you in need of GP, run Sharpstone Keep to earn GP, then run Frostsilver Mines to earn gears.
  13. I don’t know if anyone with higher party level can confirm the drop table of Harvestshield Mountain or Heartcoil Deeps, do they contain Legendary items? How does your party doing in each of them before and after G&G update?
  14. I like it that I can play whenever I would like, and not to feel bad because I missed a chest box opening / not going to play when chest box list is full.
  15. [added] My bad, this is really embarrassing, I thought that you gain all rewards after the dice roll but in fact it is “SELECT ONE”. That is messed up.

Neither Hardest or Deeps have Legendary.

  • I spend over 150000 gold upgrading ALL my gear on ALL my characters. Some of those items were level 1 and ended at level 10 having never been used. Not a single one of my characters gained a single levels worth of XP. Only my lowest level 10 gained more than a very small fraction of the XP required to level.
  • At current rates to take my Cleric from lvl 16 to 17 will require approximately 250000 gold worth of upgrades. In order to even have that many upgrades available I will require multiple thousands of each common, hundreds of each rare and epic as well multiple legendary copies for every Cleric slot.
  • I will have to do similar things with my 3 other mains and 2 of my others just to unlock lvl 17 renown.
  • Or approximately 1700 hours of grinding at a cost of over 1 million gold in entrance fees to Sharpstone. Most of these runs will be at a net gold loss, as you cannot sell the gear back quickly enough, and even if you could you now require to keep it all to upgrade for XP.

Let that sink in for a bit.

It is broken.

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After reading this, you’re sorely mistaken about some of you’re points, especially how the rewards work. Thanks for labeling your points by number.
2. In the old version you would get a chest if you clicked ‘keep reward’ before trying something past your hero levels. You would also gain gold in addition to your XP.
4. Upgrading items costs a ton of gold. But now so does entering a dungeon. Also, selling items to mirt is counter productive. If you sell your stuff to him you can’t upgrade your gear and therefore you can’t level up. You also need more than ten times the amount of experience to gain levels.
6. The chances of getting one epic item is either 5 or 10% depending on if there is one or two available in your challenge mode reward. 30% is simply incorrect. However, the chances of getting an epic card from clearing room 10 of any challenge is exactly 0%. Epic cards only appear in slots 19 or 20 of the rewards. You need to finish room 15 to unlock the d20, then you also need to roll a 20 for you to get the epic card (or 19 if there are 2 available).
10. In sharpstone keep you only get your gold back if you select that as your reward. You only earn extra if you roll the same number on 2 dice and select the gold as your reward.
11. Again, it’s impossible to roll a 19 or 20 on a d6, so getting an epic is impossible in your scenario. The percent of getting an epic card from beating the first boss is exactly 0%
12. I agree that the XP cap was silly, but doing these runs will slowly deplete your gold. You need to take gold as your reward every single time or you will go into the negative.
13. No, the higher difficulty dungeons do not contain legendary cards.
14. I actually think the chest slots is a much better way of ensuring I play. The system is very similar to clash Royale in that aspect. Knowing that there’s a better chest coming up that has a bunch of good cards is a great way to create incentive to keep coming back.
15. Glad you figured this out.

I admit my mistake but I stand on my calculation on 6 and 11.
The calculation is based on “Frostsilver Mines”, From 1-20 of the drop table, 6 and 12 are both Epic items.
If you get pass first boss, you get d6, that is 1/6 chance to get epic, or 5/6 not getting one.
If you get pass 2nd boss, you get d12, that is 2/12 chance to get epic (on 6 or 12), or 5/6 not getting one.
Rolling both dices, that is (5/6)^2 not getting 1 epic, 1-(5/6)^2 is the probability of getting one. Unless Ludia uses a bias dice.

Ok the rewards must be different for everyone when they shuffle. I have an epic available from beating the Dragon a second time, if I roll a 12.

Prior to this refresh it was only 19 or 20

A little bit of follow up since I have more time to play and do the math:
16. For the 2nd Challenge (Frostsilver Mines) which is the one I can play most effectively, I have the following reward table, and I convert them to GP or buy power from Durnan’s store. For items I use the sell back price (Common at 5 GP, Rare at 50 GP)
Gems, if convert to GP at 60 Gems to 1000 GP, is 9 Gems for 150 GP. However, if use the gems directly to buy Epic items, 9 Gems is equal to 300 GP, so that is the number I apply to the value of 9 Gems.
Epic items are to keep to gain XP, they are assigned 0 Buy Power.

Dice roll / reward / Buy Power:
1: 150 GP
2: 9 Gem = 300 GP
3: 30 x Common items = 150 GP
4: 30 x Common items = 150 GP
5: 9 x Rare = 450 GP
6: 1 x Epic = 0 GP (You are not selling Epic)
7: 150 GP
8: 450 GP
9: 9 Gem = 300 GP
10: 150 x Common = 450 GP
11: 9 x Rare = 450 GP
12: 1 x Epic = 0 GP

Assuming clearing room 10, gaining both d6 and d12 and keeping the highest value items except keeping ALL Epic, I get this:

Adding all GP gain except Epic items, each run of 10 rooms give 275 GP, or 125 GP net (minus the 150 entry fee).
The net GP gain is in fact more, IF we call sell all unwanted items.
Characters going from lv 10 to lv 11 needs 60000 xp, getting Epic items from nothing to lv 4 require 17 copies, 3200 GP, and give 10000 exp.
Roughly 300 dungeon runs (you gain some minimal xp from the runs, and can buy items using Gems) to gain 60000 xp. That is 3000 mins of play (~10 mins play to clear 10 rooms), or 50 hrs. PER ONE CHARACTER.
And only from lv 10 to lv 11.

Maybe a bit less if keeping some useful Common/Rare items to level up, but it is still a lot of grinding.