Gold cap?


Could you guys please Remove The gold cap? Both from arenas and supply drops. I cant even play for An hour and Them i am capped. The only Way to get some Nice dinos and for people to play more is to Remove The cap or atleast double it.


Hackers and spoofers would agree with you.


Cap is based on your level. Just upgrading cheap dinos helps a lot in the long run


Hackers and spoofers get bored before Real players.


Then i Will lose All my golds On my Real dinos, which defeats The purpose


Welcome to the long game of free to play.

Despite the fantastic boost to free players under the latest update Ludia still need players to pay real cash to operate the game.


Even with the VIP it’s ridiculous, it takes u 4-5 days just to upgrade a single Dino! I have 46 waiting to upgrade and can prob afford to upgrade like 5 little ones, nothing of any value to my team


so you sacrifice a little coins for a few days to gain that many coins back every day from then on? fine, by all means dont level up anything except a couple dinos. easier for me to stomp you all the time.


With regard to your concern @Wilffio, I’d say that legit players will get bored and tired of hitting their gold cap if they’re not at a sufficient level that allows them to farm coins productively (as you’ve found out and indicated by creating this thread). That being said, one solution is to level up creatures that are lower level and will create good hybrids for the arena, as painful as that might be for you right now. Sometimes it takes sacrifices to make a better team overall.

On a side-note…if I understand how the gold cap is supposed to function, you can only gain a set amount of coin (dependent on your level) for a period of time (24 hours).

For example, let’s say my gold cap is 8,000 coins. I could collect 3,000 coins today and 4,000 coins tomorrow no problem. But let’s say I collect 4,000 coins this evening and 6,000 tomorrow morning. The coin cap might prevent me from doing this because the 24-hour wait requirement might not have been met.

That being said, I’ve never read anything regarding a set time at which the coin limit resets–only the little chart that MetaHub created to show what the coin caps are. If anyone happens to find this or knows what it is, that’d be much appreciated by all. :+1:


coin cap resets at 8pm eastern us time. you do have to exit and relaunch game if you are currently logged in though.



Damn Thats a Low amount :confused:


It’s no longer entirely accurate. I believe they removed 2x cap for VIP because I get same cap as vip since 1.3