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Gold coin incubators!

It would be awesome to include gold coin incubators or a random treasure chest instead of those lame incubators that u get when you already beat a boss and wanna help your friends, also that would increase the chances of players to keep beating bosses even when you already have level 30 Apex and don’t really need the extra DNA.


Yeah I Don’t Have Any Apexes But I’m Always Running Out Of Coins When Leveling Up My Creatures But There Should Also Be Cash Incubators Too Just A Thought.

Would love a inc that just contains coins lol

Would love that, always runs out of coins before I even emptied up my unique DNAs

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They absolutely do NOT give you enough FREE options to obtain coins in this game. I can level up almost every single dino I own right now, but I don’t have enough coins. I think they should give more opportunities for players to get coin because once you’ve been playing for a while, and your dinos get up into the high 20s, forget about it. 200k or 250k coins to level up one dino takes a long time, and during that time, you have to neglect all other dinos. What are you supposed to do about tournaments and raid dinos. We need more coin options. There are so many dinos in this game now! I usually have about 300k coins saved up to spend on advantage tourneys every other week and it barely does anything…