Gold coins dissapeared?


This morning I had to roughly 9,870 coins or so, checked the game about 20 minutes ago and found I only have 77 coins now?


Mine hasn’t been quite this severe, but I tend to lose coins fairly regularly, enough to drop me to the next nearest thousand. I have literally watched them decrease while I was checking the screen. I have flagged this with Ludia and received an automated response, but to my knowledge nothing has been done. Best of luck to you!


Glad to know i’m not the only one getting skimmed.

Question is, what can be done about it?mine dropped as I was buying more coin. I watched it add, then drop down a bit… Then it stopped, then dropped a little more. It did this each time I bought coins. I should have had somewhere around 16900 when it was done, but ended up at 14473.


Well, I guess in a weird way I’m glad I’m not the only one. I was a bit hesitant about posting this since I don’t doubt there’d be some type of skepticism over it.

I emailed them as well, and have only gotten a few automated responses, so we’ll see how it goes lol. Best of luck to you guys too!


Hey tno_Gamefreak, this seems like a newer issue for us, but I’ve heard this being mentioned before on the forums and I have notified our team about this. I’m sorry that our team has not gotten back to you yet, but they’ve been getting a lot more tickets lately, and our team is working hard on assisting everyone. You can help with the investigation by emailing our team with any other information and screenshots you might have of the issue. However, sending in another email might reset your position in the queue, so I would recommend having the information ready after they’ve reached out to you.