Gold Coins... What for?


So, whats the deal with the gold coins? I get them all the time, but I can’t spend them on anything. Would love to use them to buy incubators, or my supplies, or anything really. I just want to know what is the purpose of the gold coins?


You spend the coins to evolve your dinos


and It may look like you’ve got loads but you’ll need them , I have 23 dinos I can fuse or evolve at the mo but no coins :rofl::pensive:


In my first levels I though I was as rich as the Amazon’s CEO :rofl: evolving for 20 coins my beasts… now this is the situation:

Need to save coins for evolve dino with 6.000 coin EACH :scream: and saving the bucks in order to buy caveau coins :yum:


Haha!!! When I started my game, I was in same situation like yours… confused on what to do with coins (I had like 8k-10k but evolving dinosaurs took like 10/20/100 coins) and I also thought of starting a thread like you. I also spent most of my hard cash(bills) on one-time offers assuming coins are not of much use.

Now I regret spending my bills on stuffs other than coins. Evolving dinosaurs above level 12-13 take like 2k/4k/8k/10k coins each time per dinosaur. Now I am just waiting days to level up because of shortage of coins.
One tip would be to collect the coins from supply drop as much as possible on daily basis or battle a lot till you reach the coins/cash daily limit.


Oh wow! The dino’s cost that much later? OK then. Guess I’ll be saving my coins for sure. Thanks so much for the answers. And the tips.


I spent 15000 yesterday to take my raptor from level 16 to 17


One or two of the leveling up deals give over 100,000 coins. I’d get it


Trust me, you’ll need those coins…


Yeaaaaahh, the coins are such a pain. Today I’ve hit my all-time high for “dinos needing evolving” - 53!! And many of them I could evolve 3-5 times over. IF I had the coins.


My guess is that the coins are there to provide an impetus to keep grinding levels. If it wasn’t there, players would be able to level fast, and there really wouldn’t be much of a challenging aspect to the game.


LOL #JWAteamgoals, innit?