Gold Fools Strike Tower Strat

4 Turns. Scorp gen 3 start. TQ.

Swap to albertospinos. Use mercy alert. Priority if you can the next turn.

Finish with Pho’s CCR, or use HydraBoa’s priority nullify if you lose alberto on t3 since you’re likely within kill range.

I beat the lvl 30 final one with Scorp gen 3 lvl 30 & Albertospinos lvl 21. It’s possible. Good luck.


Would Thyla work?

It works.

Don’t think thyla would work, albertospinos swap in wound is what does it I think.


I wouldn’t use it. If you swap it in on alert devestation, you are ope ing yourself up to being stunned and loosing a cresture for no reason. Spinocon is a better option if you have it

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I have no legendaries or uniques since i’m level 10

This worked all way to last battle. Start lvl 30 boosted Scorpio gen 2 dot then swap to unboosted 26 Albertospino for swap in dot he then dies and then bring in 26 boosted Hydraboa priority then priority dot. He dies then finish off with 30 boosted Mortem Rex with 138 speed.

Then this stike is going to be very difficult for you. Mind showing us what you got to work with? Cant guarentee anything tho.

Mine worked through the end. I think I just got lucky. Panda healed more times than it attacked.

Used a lv 21 unboosted albertospinos, 26 boosted scorp 3 and a mortem for clean up.

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Glad it worked! Albertospinos was amazing. Glad my strategy got you through. Mine healed a ton too.

How far have you gotten so far? You probably won’t be able to finish the full strike, but if you beat the first few, you can get a few Panda dna.

DOT is pretty much key. Suchotator, and tyla might do decent to begin. Try using those, then dimodactylus with DOT. You’ll probably get closer, but I don’t think it’ll be easy! Focus on using DOT moves and pray.

Thyla is busted and can practically solo this. Mine is 23 and gets it down to like 3k alone

I only used merciless alert if I was quicker than panda and in threatened state. Otherwise I would use the basic move to just keep the bleed going

I got Thyla, Dimodactylus, Argenteryx, Entelochops, Andrewtherium, Andrewtodon, Acrocanthosaurus, Allosaurus Gen 2, and T-rex. I think these might work. All are between level 15 and 12

I would suggest you just try to do as much bleed as you can. Creatures like suchotator, thylacotator, maybe some swap in bleeders as well.

I’ll use Suchotator, Thylacotator, and a well timed Dimodactylus, Dracoceratops Gen 2 swap.

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I am 2 away but the panda always keeps changing strategy I wasted 40 bucks on this
Before I could have won but My indotaurus got stunned by 2 turns and thats why lost
I am really angry but i will keep trying

Refre is great as 3rd dino

Apply distract and bleed with super distract and alert nullify t2.

So I did it with level 25 Thyla. Smaller will work as long as its hp is higher than bosses decelerating move. Usually Panda goes Bamboo. I use bleed. Swap to unboosted 26 Albertospino but base level fine as Panda will kill it. Then use Ref. Mine is 29 but base ok. Use Super Distract. Panda goes Bamboo. Then use nullify. At this point panda kills ref with devastation but bleed takes it to 1.5k for Mortem or another instant attacker to clean up.

I improvised by doing scorps toxic quills turn one, swapping to spinos, and constantly doing defense shattering wound because it deals more dot damage. It is better to do merciless on alert mode though, because it deals 30% dot (15% when factoring in the resistance). It worked on every single step of the strike (my spinos is also 135 speed).

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No I saw a video of someone using a lvl 30 thyla against it and beat it.