Gold issue, cannot evolve any dinosaurs


I’m level 8, got a lot of dinosaurs to evolve but I have no gold. I take all supply drops until the daily gold limit is used. I do arena a lot and I turn on incubators all the time. I also use the cash to buy gold. However I’m still to short in gold. This ruins the fun for me now since I need already 15k gold to evolve my raptor while I have collected a lot of DNA to evolve him atleast another 2 times.

Anyone with tips for me in order to get more cash to keep the game fun for me? In my eyes the evolves are to expensive and the daily gold and cash limit is to low.


Only upgrade the dinos you will use on your team, or will use to make hybrids. Don’t waste coins upgrading whenever you have enough DNA to do so. This is easy to do when you’re starting out, but as you can see it gets expensive quickly.

I’ve been upgrading everything to a minimum of lvl 10 before I stop, because the cost is still under 1000. I have 11 dinos on average waiting to be upgraded at a time, most of those will never actually get upgraded until I’m desperate for exp.


Oke… So you recommend to evolve until level 10. However, if I see dinosaurs I will not evolve and don’t need DNA for hybrid. Should I still catch them? Also, why make hybrids? just to unlock them or are they also good xp wise?


Hybrids tend to be stronger, have more abilities. They will still require coins, but you can save by only leveling the source dinos to where they are able to be fused (usually level 10 for common). I still collect DNA for dinos I don’t use. Maybe I’ll have use for them down the road, maybe a new hybrid will be introduced.


I’m agree, there’s great disbalance in gold and DNA. Even if you don’t evolve everything you have, you get incredible tons of DNA that you will never use. So you walk and you collect only few types of dino that you can afford to evolve. I’m always at 140 darts because I hunt only epic dinos, some rare and couple of common.

I’ve already suggested to sell extra DNA you have. This could return the point to catch as much as you can and bring the balance between gold and DNA.


Ludia can consider making certain raid events that rewards gold instead of DNA. I mean the whole premise of us being the Dino Defense team means we should be able to do contracts for gold right? It’s right there, even the ‘story’ fits. All depends on whether Ludia wants to commit to the game or not and make themselves a good reputation. The more people enjoy the game the more likely they’ll shell out money, not the other way around.


Agree. The first days I was like “wow, that’s great game, much more interesting than P.Go”. But now when I see all this useless DNA, when I lost the point to catch most of dinos and I see how ludia tries to drain money for in-game gold, that really disappoints me. And I don’t want to pay anymore.

But I still hope that devs will hear us and fix this gold issue.


Im just waiting for The Walking Dead Our World to finally release worldwide.


We already are phone zombies in a sense… The irony lol