Gold or Diamond Fidelity

hi guys,

i’m a non vip player and every week reset i try to get the diamond pack with 5-6k dino bucks whenever i could.

Just wanna know if i’m doing it right? should i be getting the gold pack of 1.5-2k dino bucks instead?

Happy to hear some suggestions and thoughts



How do u get so much DB?

save it, and trade resources once you level 50 or level 60
basically i trade any gold, meat, dna, even the points (beside to DB) for DB, with a certain ratio of course

usually i’ll trade those buildings as well

not exactly every week but every 2 weeks i can save around 7k DB at least?

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Ok… actually I fall short on DB actually

Ur questions answer is pretty easy…you are doing right actually
Vip dinos are very beneficial for battles
Also platinum too is ok…but it depends on how much or often u level up ur dinos
Both r ok according to me…also it depends on power and ferocity of dinos

Yeah I agree, you’re doing all right dude)) Good luck with the game! :v:

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Welcome to the forums @RoseColeman
Hope ur doing well in the game and in ur life!!

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thanks for the input!
because i saw quite a few dino are in the platinum gold pack? 1.5-2k that pack
and if i don’t pick them i don’t get to fuse new hybrids

some hybrids require like ceratosaurus, which is in the platinum pack :rofl:

so i was wondering if that’s even worth it
because the cost is 3 times more or 4 times

thanks Rose! glad i’m on the right track :blush:

It depends. The 5k DB to get VIP dinos is good if you don’t spend enough LP to get them.

One benefit of the prize drop is the possibility of earning VIP+ dinos. With them being so hard to get without blowing loads of LP, this is why I spend the bucks to get them even only if for a chance to get them.

However you are dropping quite a lot of DB to get them, when your DB can be saved and used elsewhere.

So it’s a toss up. I’d recommend only spending the DB once a month, this way you maximize DB saving. However the VIP dinos are leagues better than the tourney dinos… however preferring those can rack up and obtain Tourney Hybrids (imo I prefer the VIP dinos).

So it’s all a balancing act, and it just comes down to what you want.


The diamond wheel of the prize drop is the only way for non VIP players to get a chance at any of the VIP exclusive creatures. From a free player, collector stand point you are doing it right. If you want to spend zero or as little as possible real currency while trying to collect all the creatures then taking a chance on the Diamond wheel for a VIP exclusive is a no brainer. Doing it every week is impressive though, i don’t think i could stay afloat DB wise doing it every week. I haven’t done it in a while.

From a free player non collector standpoint it is a waste of DBs and DNA. If you don’t really care about collecting all of the creatures then you are using a lot of resources for a VIP creatures on the Diamond wheel that could probably be used better some where else. Since the VIP exclusive creatures statistically are not any better than the normal VIP creatures you are not really gaining any type of player edge. Sure some of them are balanced different but other than that they are worth the same.

The game gives players, VIP or non VIP more than enough chances at LPs that if you collect them and use them wisely you can build an army of VIP creatures without too much effort and not have to use other resources for them. LPs are practically an in game currency specifically for VIP creatures.

I’d definitely pass on the gold wheel though, between the DNA and DBs needed for it it’s a huge waste for a single no unlock tournament creature that will eventually come through unlock rotation… in a year… or 2… or more who knows.

I’d rather throw ~7k DNA at a tournament creature of my choice than probably even more than that in DNA worth of tickets and DBs on top for a rando


sorry OstaBae I was caught up with work recently and now managed to read back comments…

Yea sometimes I am wondering as well if Tourney Dinos (from the Gold Fidelity) are a better choice because…they can be fused with other dinos, which would results in better dinos (definitely duh) than VIP+ dinos in the long run…

I felt like in level 66, i’m kinda stuck with level 20 VIP+ dino is the best I can fused. I have yet to fuse other Tourney dinos to form Tourney Hybrids simply because i spent my DBs on the VIP+. Looking at my line up sometimes i wonder if VIP+ is a good choice because they maxed at 40 but unable to be fused with other dinos (maybe in the future but definitely not in current stage haha)

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Thanks Subxero11 !

Well I think more realistically is 2 Diamond Fidelity spin every 3 weeks (1st week and 3rd week). The approach is I don’t spend DBs other than for Diamond packs, and sometimes Tournaments (5 DB per match if the advertisements run out).

Well…so far I think i’m collecting dinos, but man those VIP+ dinos, to get the same one and even level to level 20 sometimes just need those luck to get the same creature :frowning:

And I have not realised until recently that VIP+ dinos don’t get to fuse (at least not now) but Tourney’s one do, and those Tourney’s one definitely will fused and became stronger that the VIP+ dinos.

You’re right though, the tourney’s are more economical to breed than the VIP+ one. I am at level 66 and i’m stuck with Level 20 VIP+, reason being that’s the best i can go for, to get 4 same creeps to level up to 30 is no easy feat for non VIP like me :frowning: . You’d probably wonder if why i did not breed Indo Rex, well I did, but it’s only level 10, and for me to get another level 10 Indo Rex would cost me around ~30k DNA, that’s half of the amount of DNA that I have saved up for the past 6 months (I spent on fusing around dinos). 2 Indos would burn my DNA reserves to 0.

I tried to unlock Tourney dinos but for my rank I barely able to stay at gold at best, tried to stay Top 1% but the opponents are purely too brutal for my dinos (3k HP vs my 1.5k HP)

I’m just wondering once i’m able to collect all VIP+ dinos, should I changed my approach to spending on “Tourney dinos” from Gold Fidelity pack ? So maybe i get to fuse with other dinos as well. i.e. Gorgosaurus and Kaprosuchus.

Happy to hear your thoughts ! :slight_smile:

If you have an army of lvl 20 VIP creatures you should have no issues finishing in Dominator for tournaments.


Hi Sion!

Umm yea about that…I’m still struggling to build an army of Level 20 VIP+ dinos, I do get a lot of Level 10 VIP+ dinos but they’re all different :frowning: Hence to build up Level 20 VIP dinos gonna take some times

Probably I can share the breakdown of my team composition here

I’m still trying to work my way to balance my team ferocity :sweat_smile:

As you can see, I did not went Level 20 yet because the ferocity will simply tip my line up and match up to more imbalance dino during PvP or PvE.
Hence I regretted to evolve that Tanycolagreus…

No worries the early portion of the thread lead me to think you had a lot of lvl 20s that’s my fault for reading into it.

Do you farm MOD PvP? You should be able to pick up a fair amount of “free” hybrids from that if you put the work in.

Definitely not your fault :sweat_smile:
I should’ve explained it better , my bad

We get free hybrids from Mod PVP ? :open_mouth:
I certainly didn’t know that and I thought it’s not worth other than the Cenozoic and Aquatic
I do Aquatic and Cenozoic for my daily quest and that’s about it…

Probably that’s why my progress are slow ! :frowning:

Yes and no. Imo VIP dinos are superior because of the CDs, and the Tourney Hybrids can get costly at a late game level. Even then the high-end power of Tourney Hybrids is too much and too imbalanced to take it to that level.

For that I’d definitely recommend focus towards getting non-tourney hybrids. The tourney hybrids should be something you passively obtain. Otherwise they could break your roster balance. A L10 Tourney Hybrid is the equivalent of a L30 VIP.

Wow thank you so much !

That actually explains and set my expectations !
I didn’t know a Tourney Hybrid at Lvl 10 can be a Lvl 30 VIP+ dino !

Seems like Tourney Hybrid is too costly as well for a Non VIP player like me :frowning:

But having said that Non-Tourney hybrids, are those like Rajastega and Ostaposaurus would be strong enough for me to sustain the battles for some time?

Just a mad thought, should I still keep the accidentally fused Tanycolagreus at Level 11?
or maybe I should sell it and make Indo my next strongest creep?
I’m feeling my team compo is a bit lagging behind compared to other Level 60+s players