Gold or Diamond Fidelity

You have a small chunk of DNA that could be put to good use one way or another.

If you are buying the DNA prize drop tickets I would suggest stopping and giving the Diamond wheel and the gold wheel a break for a while. If you are buying the DNA tickets you are burning 1000s in DNA every time you do so and a few 1000 worth of DNA at your point in the game is very useful.

A few months ago I brought one of my kids games up from below where you are at and had a lot of team building to sort out and plan for.

After managing both my account and another one of my kids accounts I decided to focus on getting the sHybrids asap and focus on Ostapo and I rex’s aside from that. These are super safe bets and will take quite a long time before you out grow any of them if you ever do. And doubling down on I-rex’s is never bad as you will need to make a lvl 40 eventually for Indoraptors. Then you can fill out your classes and build depth with VIP dino’s.

Here is a topic I made a while about about D2’s game. Her game then was probably pretty close to where you are now. Her park level was a good bit higher but that was just from buying and trading so many decorations. Dino strength wise it would not have been much different.

In short, get your Stegoceratops in line to make a lvl 40, be it you have 2 lvl 30s or 4 lvl 20’s. Do the same with Tape in prep for it’s sHybrid. When you are ready for the ferocity jump make the shybrids, with any luck you can make 2 or more right off the bat. Get more I-rex’s, if you only have gen 1 unlocked I would want at least 3 lvl 11+ I-rexs so having 6 lvl 10s ready would not be a bad thing. Work on getting a work horse amphib. If you have Gorgosaurus unlocked you could work on making Gorgosuchus’s if not, try and get Ostapo anyway you can as soon as you can. Then make a bunch so you can have around 3 or 4 lvl 11+

This will keep you in good shape and you can sit back and collect tournament creature unlocks as they come. Eventually the big ones will come around again, mainly Metriacanthosaurus, Segnosaurus, Gorgosaurus. Then you can make the tri fecta of hybrids and dominate the world and do what you want at your leisure. Playing the gold prize drop wheel in hopes of getting several copies of the same tournament dino to make a worth while dino is crazy IMO. You would be better off keeping a stash of lps or DBs around for a random trade for a particular one you want but even that isn’t the best strat.

Link to thread I made about D2’s game. I’ll post an updated lineup in a minute. It hasn’t grown a whole lot since TBH but I don’t play her game much and most of her progress is slow and just from working the trade harbor and making sure she gets key unlocks, like Metriacanthosaurus just a while back.

link to thread

good luck


Tops of each class. Will have metria hybrid just as quickly as the fusions take.

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How many dinosaurs would constitute an army? I saw an advice here from someone that you could keep 20K LP as backup and once you hit 30K each time, you can buy a 10K pack, which is what I am currently doing.

Would 18-20 Lvl. 20 VIP Dinosaurs be sufficient for daily tasks and tournaments?

That should be good, but depending on your play style you could use more or less. The beauty of VIP’s are their fast cool downs so you should be able to use them at least twice a day possibly three times (it’s been a while so I don’t remember their cool downs specifically). Plus if you can supplement them with other creatures like hybrids or standard legendaries and tournament creatures you should have plenty to make your way through all of the daily events plus tackle tournaments.


Thanks for the detail write up for this!
So if my understanding is correct, which means I would build an army with more Level 10 of Indo Rexes as well as Ostapo which should be Level 10s. So if i understand this correctly, it would be better to have more lower level e.g. 8 level 10 of Indo for me to be ready before the next ferocity jumps, right?

wow that opens up new approach to building up my roster! probably that’s where my roster needs help at this current stage. 1 question though, for those Metria and Segno they are Tourney Dinos right , which will be able to build for hybrids in the future? Wouldn’t Tourney Hybrids are too strong for the ferocity jump? or you would suggest I collect these dinos and keep them in bare minimum until i’m ready for ferocity jumps then only I fuse them ?

Say if saving LPs and DBs would be a priority as I stop collecting those VIP+ dinos, then where should I be spending those resources on ? would it be on speed ups?

Thanks a lot! I’m reading this as we speaks :slight_smile: I will be coming back with more question soons :sweat_smile:

A side question though, how would you suggest to spend the food ?
Do we just hit bare minimum of daily task for food e.g. 400k of food per day? or we set a higher goal?
The reason I asked is because I feel that following 400k per day is kinda slow and dragging my dino’s growth progress. Not sure if i’m doing it right by keeping bare minimum and hitting the basic requirement for daily quest only.

Thanks in advance!

This line up look just wicked !
Those dinos sure take a few months to build up the rosters right ?

Hi Sion!

Would that be meaning that we should always aim to build up rosters based on Non VIP dinos like hybrids first, then only supplement with VIP/Tourney Dinos?

Because currently I start to see a pattern that hybrids is the way to go.

And 1 more thing, if you don’t mind, should I be filling up my paddock e.g. velociraptor or even argentinosaurus until that species paddock is occupied, or I should focus on coin generation and get hybrids whenever I can. Because I do notice for example my Rajastega, after fusing from both level 40 dinos, the coin generation has dropped.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It just means everyone is different :slight_smile: some folks like to play once a day, which means you need a much deeper bench and anything with less than a 24 hr cool down will work just fine. Others like to play twice a day which means around 12-14 hour cool downs would be better. And then there are folks that like to play multiple times a day and for that you need to have a combination of a deep bench and varied cool downs.

I like filling paddocks for both coin generation and increased code 19 rewards. But my game is in a different position than yours.

There is no really wrong answer here, it’s just about what’s right for you and your goals.


Lets see if i can hit some of your questions with out being too wordy (difficult for me)

As far as ferocity jumps with out actually looking at exact ferocity numbers.

i tend to look at the 1st big ferocity jump to be moving past lvl 40 typical legendary dino’s ( t-rex, Shuno, Pteranodon, ect…). At lvl 40 most of those legendaries fall in somewhere in the 3k -3500k ferocity range give or take. Most lvl 10 legendary hybrids fall in that range as well or just under. This makes it possible to stock up several legendary hybrids to lvl 10 and still be in that ferocity range just under 3500 yet prepped to make the jump into the next range. This works out very well for making the ferocity jump into what i consider the ~4k - 6k ferocity range. This range houses pretty much all the shybrids at lvl 1 -10, lvl 11 - 20 VIPs, all legendary hybrids lvl 11 - 20, and all tournament hybrids lvl 1 - 10 give or take. It is a great ferocity range to be in and you can have and use every dino in the game other than indoraptors. lvl 30 tournament dino’s fall into the lower end of this range but are still quite useful as well. Lots of the lower rarity hybrids will fall into this range as well anywhere from lvl 30 through lvl 40. This ferocity range is also great for tournaments. Even using a stacked team of 3 good dino’s you can still net 32-34 trophies. Or using main, main, fodder strat you can get 37-40 with fairly consistent wins.

A lot of people like to prepare for a ferocity jump and then move a bunch of dino’s in a short amount of time so they are assured to have enough usable dinos at their new ferocity to complete events without hassle. If you stock up 6 i rex’s or 6 ostapos, when you decide to make the jump you can fuse them and then you would have 3 of each at lvl 11+ to fit into your new ferocity range. Same with any other creatures. Like Sionsith said, everyone plays a little differently and just because a dino doesn’t really fit into your new ferocity range doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. Utilizing certain strats means even very low level dino’s can be quite useful still. So you don’t need a crazy army to do a ferocity jump but you would probably want at least 3 or 4 of each class to fit into your new ferocity range, more if you need to rely on a full team of strong dino’s to win battles.

Like i just said, tourny hybrids fit in the 4k - 6k ferocity range no problem, that is your next jump so no problem. See pictures of D2’s lineup. Segno, and gorgosuchus fit right in in the lvl 1-10 range so will Metria hybrid. Just keep them balanced, no need to feed them to 10 right away, again, see D2’s lineup. She tends to feed them on occasion just for fun otherwise they would probably be even more balanced than they are :rofl:

Saving LPs and DBs, as a non VIP i am adamant about only using LPs for 10k Solid gold packs. No reason to ever use them for anything else really. Buying the 10k packs in the long run you will get a fairly diverse lot of creatures from the packs, ceno, aquatics and jurassic, they are all good. Newer players tend to dislike the ceno’s and aquatics, I did too but after awhile you will learn to like them and figure out they are more valuable battle wise vs the jurassics because there are just so many more jurassic options in the long game.

DBs, save some, use them for hatching speed ups to keep your inventory empty (other than AF’s and Hammonds) Use them for Trade harbor refreshes, I typically spend the 250 dbs for 1 extra custom trade every day. I typically do AF → LPs for all my custom trades unless i have a legendary dino sitting in my inventory i can’t hatch right away. Sometimes i’ll do a coin - creature custom trade, or food for creature custom. I typically spend 950 DB’s for the extra spin for the Stakeholders PvE to get more LPs and I’ve been known to splurge on the 2018 pack for 1550 DBs for fun. But that is just me, do as you please. Might not be bad to save some up to make a ferocity jump quicker. Then you can speed up a bunch of fusions quickly.

As far as food, normally i just use minimum to get the daily task 400k i think, other than that I use it in the TH with random trades like food for DNA, or food for LPs and DBs, sometimes for coins if i’m super low on coins and it’s a good trade. Funny thing with food to coin trades is that normally after I do say a 15M food for 55M coins trade, shortly after I will get a coin for food trade something like 45M coins for 20M food. It almost never fails. It’s good to have a decent stock of food when you plan to make Shybrids and Tournament hybrids. Stegoceratops will cost you probably over 10M food to get from lvl 31 to 40, keep that in mind when you go to make the sHybrids.

And once again I failed at keeping it short and simple… it’s a problem I have, they say acknowledging the problem is the 1st step… can’t seem to find that 2nd step :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank you Sion!

The way you explained and even take “play time commitment” into consideration for the game progress and play style really opens up my eye!

Yes I think I have to take those into consideration when i’m building my troops too.

I’ll guess for now i’ll fill up my paddocks whenever I get to hatch the same dinos and progress as it is

Wow this is a detailed explanation! I loved it! From this I guess my ferocity breakpoint is between that Level 11 Tany and Level 10 Indo Rex. I recalled once I have that “accident” fusion all my PvE matchup ended up a bit hard (not that hard but lesser dinos available for me to fight with).
But having said that, the main main fodder or fodder fodder main strategy, sometimes it still doesnt land me with 37-40 trophies. Is it because my main still too high for opponents? Just wondering during those tourney does fodder-main-fodder actually “averaged” out the ferocity during the match up ?

Alright! I think where my current line up lacking is the depth of the dinos, as in I only have 1 stegoceratops but not 3-4 of them to increase my lineup flexibility during matchup. I’ll try to build a wider line up before I can afford for ferocity jumps.

Yes I do notice though, her dinos are not fully fed like mine (maxed level at their range). I always thought maxed out level would have advantage during matchup due to the matchup is bound by those dinos level range as well (i.e. level 20-30 in the same match up during randomizing)

So, if i understand your playstyle correctly, you used DB in TH to get custom trades for LP, and 10k LP packs are your source of VIP+ dinos, right ?

Okay so guess i’m approaching the right way at keeping it minimum, although sometimes i feel i’m lagging behind due to multiple dinos at level 11, 21, 31 and only managed to spend 400k of food per day. Wow superhybrids do eats up a lot of food though :open_mouth:

I loved it when you went into detail and certainly helps me to understand the game playstyle better! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @sionsith! Your advice is always appreciated!

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Most pve opponents are determined by either your top 3 dinos average ferocity or your park level or some mysterious combination of both. So 3 level 11 I rexs at the top would b much different than 3 level 20 I rexs when it goes by ferocity.

Yes I spend dbs in the trade harbor for both the normal refreshes that cost 50 dbs and then I do one refresh in the custom trades for 250 dbs. The next costs 400 and typically isn’t worth it for me. I typically prioritize lps in the th and take just about any trade for lps. Except I typically dont do random trades that r dbs for lps or the other way around. All my vip creatures come from 10k solid gold packs. Funny enough I don’t use many of my vips on my account and have only leveled a few amphibs past level 20. I keep the rest at lvl 20 for tournaments. It might sound a bit strange but I kinda think when u r VIP early on the VIP dinos can b a bit of a crutch as far as lineup development. U get so many strong vip dinos so quick u don’t need to work on the others as much as early to hit that first big ferocity jump. As a non vip u need to seek building depth else where and after u do the vips become an after thought and you don’t need to rely on them for anything. I haven’t got a new vip dinos on my account for many months, it’s non issue. Just been saving lps. The shybrids on the other hand those r my crutch now.

As far as trophies your main matters too check out one of sionsiths vids or topics ECT…


wow thank you for the insights! This is exactly what I have been facing, too many VIP+ dinos that my normal dinos progress are not catch up to it. I will try to focus more on my other dinos and stop for VIP+ dinos awhile since recently I have been getting cenozoic and aquatic dino all the time…

Alright i’ll dig around the forum see what I can get my hands on, thanks again @Subxero11 !! :slight_smile:

His YouTube channel is linked in the to be a youtuber thread.

Thank you @Stapesh90 !
got it now :slight_smile: