Gold strike events

Have these gotten rediculously hard lately? Last 3 i have not been able to beat and they seem pointless. Is it geared towards the top continuing to get better while the average low paying or FTP suffer?

This one could’ve been beaten with a welll chosen team of Dinos no higher than level 10 (maybe lower)

Courtesy of @Pateradactyl

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The current Rajakylosaurus strike was pretty easy. The Indo, Indom & Gorgo strike was kinda hard but I defeated Indo and Gorgo. The Indo and Alanky strike was probably the hardest for me but I did defeat the Alanky from it.

So what would those Dinos have been? Seems what i used that was supposed to be effective against it was not. NVM it just loaded

I shared a vid from one of our regulars… keep checking the forum, lot of smart people here sharing good ideas :grin:

they could have all been level 1 dinos and still wouldve won.


i love how the whole community can make a mockery of this event and they’re still gonna leave DoT the way it is :joy:

they get the last laugh… they always do. watch out for the low hanging fruit.

I’m hoping this appeases some of the low leveled players who felt left out of epic events but there’s no way a team not worth it’s salt would stay at a rank it didn’t deserve (not for long anyway)

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the tourney is a good example of how the epic strikes should be from now on.

they should break them up into steps. not one fight, but many fights untill you get to the big fight( grand prize, where the big boss(es) reside. each other step gives you an incubator etc… this way you will fail at a certain point but you know your threshold then but still win a prize. that way the lower leveled players can still participate but eceryone still gets a challenge. one of the members earlier mentioned something like this. im just elaborating

so in the tourney… i only got as far as my skills and team could take me and i only got the alotted loot.

My Mono took it down single-handedly. Guess I’m not going to put Rajakylosaurus on my team any time soon

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it’s actually really good, if if if it can keep it’s shield on
up to 6 attacks at 65% crit rate

I found Rajakylosaurus almost ridiculously easy… I did it only with my level 15 Suchotator…

But it’s true some other recent epic strikes were very difficult… I didn’t even bother to try Alankylosaurus + Indominus Rex… With my team, it just seemed impossible…

You should always at least use the free attempt, even if you fail you still get experience fighting these high leveled powerful dinosaurs =/

You’re right, but there was something else like bad temperature that made it not worthy to go outside… It’s pretty cold and rainy outside these days where I live! :wink:

I thought no one would lose this strike

How OP, how?

And holy heck, we have 13 strikes soft as baby poop all week for f2p players. Then half of epic strikes are easy like this one but folks still find a way to lose. Yet here we are with a thread blaming Ludia and players that fund the game.


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While I did beat the Gorgo/Indom/Indo event first go, I wouldn’t call it easy!

That one certainly wasn’t easy. This last one was.

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