Gold Strike Tower Problems?


Has anyone else have this happen to them? Gold strike tower 4th round one bird beat. Just before the last hit to finish off the 2nd bird the game glitched/froze. I closed the game down and reopened the game. It was still doing nothing so I waited for the 200+sec to countdown and my move that was setting worked and beat the 2nd bird. The same thing went down on the 3rd bird but after the countdown got to zero it said I lost. I never lost any dino just got the big L for some reason. How do I prevent this from happening again?


Hey Madmonkey101, I have heard of a similar report of this issue from another player and our team would like to take a look at this and investigate. Reach out to our staff at with your support key. If you have any screenshots of this, it’ll be helpful if you included them in your email.


I had that 2x over the weekend. One I was able to wait out and completed the battle. The other one timed out and I lost it waiting for the stunned flyer to do a move. Just said “thinking” until it timed out and I lost.