Golden Days of Jurassic World: The Game

Want to know the old days well I will tell you what happened in the golden days. Before other hybrids were released Indominus was the bomb and Super Kool-Aid was the only creature that could take on it. I also remember the days when aquatics and Cenozoic’s just came out. I also most notably remember pre patched Yudon when it was so bad :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. This is something extremely memorable remember the days when we could get all the creatures through battle stages I do and lastly remember the days when Apatosaurus had the most health? I remember it.

  • When the game was released, the hybrids weren’t available in game yet.
  • First Aquatic was Mosasaurus (before the lagoon unlocked, there was just the Mosasaur swimming in the lagoon.
  • First Cenozoic was Ms. Mammoth (I remember the baren landscape before the biodome was added)

Since I started playing back at launch in 2015, I would say the first year WASN’T the golden era. The game was still very primeval. The attack animations weren’t ironed out, VIP when added in 2016 was worthless, and the events were rather dull.

For me, the golden days were just before the unlock reshuffle, where you could still unlock dinos from battle stages. That gave the game great progression and required you to have pretty powerful dinos for each battle stage. Ludia sought to remove this system to put a progression cap so players couldn’t easily obtain hybrids, and super hybrids. That’s when both Aquatic and Cenozoic parks were well into their lifespan, with the only problem being the Cenozoic roster was very imbalanced, with Mammoth having VIP stats, and about 1/3 of the roster was of Rare rarity, making them super impractical for the small quantity of Cenozoics there were. When Aquatics released, there was a healthy blend of Legendaries and Super Rares. These are the days I wish we could go back to. Not launch, not in the year or two after. By year 3 (2018) the game had a very wide range of dinos, with multiple dinos being added per patch. VIP was reworked into it’s V2, where it was worth paying for. I had very little complaints back then, which is now not the case as playable bosses brought massive bugs and instability into a game that was on the edge of being completely patched.