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Gon138 - Looking for New Alliance

Hello, I’m looking for new alliance with people who want to play this game. I’m playing every day, understand the rules what you have to do, and trying my best to help with alliance missions, tournament, DNA requests. I have VIP account and level 18. My profile name is Gon138. Anyone interrested?

Hi. if you want to join our alliance. MyVeryWaitJurassicfes leader arme84 # 1337. you are welcome

More than welcome to join us at The Eternal B D Wong. Small easy going alliance. Always good to meet new people :slight_smile:

It looks like I’ve found new alliance. Thank you for the offers. Take care.

U look like ur searching for a new alliance but my alliance u will need discord we do 10/9 in missions, rank 112 in championship we are a friendly alliance if interested message me on discord MegalodonGamer#6965 before requesting to join and also add me in game Megalodon360real#8855