Gone boosts?

Anyone else been missing boosts from various dinos since Saturday, at least several dinos were fully boosted but aren’t anymore? Messaged Ludia on Saturday but still waiting for a reply.

They won’t reply they are on holidays I think

Happened to me as well, my monolometrodon had 6 boosts on it, and now it has none

Hoping I get them back @DinosaursRCool or that’ll be the final straw for me after 2 years of playing the game.

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Thought I read somewhere that they closed on Christmas Eve , could be wrong though @Kushagra_Gaming , I’ll just need to wait until after Christmas, sure I’ll survive lol :slight_smile:

Did you contact Ludia @DinosaursRCool ? Someone else in my alliance had the same problem & didn’t get them refunded after contacting them.

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I did, I hope they do return them, it wouldn’t be a merry Christmas if I get gypped from 2 weeks worth of grinding lol

try puting the boosts back on every month they refund the boots

for example you boosted a creature you dont use any more well thats a waste of boots so ludia refunds the every month