Gonna be one of THOSE days

took a few days off from the game…was tired of being constantly slaughtered.

Get on today…first battle in badlands…got a level 11 player (i’m stuck at 10) with 400 more trophies.

IMMEDIATELY got hit with a level 20 indom. then murdered brutally by a 15 suchotator.

Gonna be one of THOSE days.

Point? Matchups will never be fixed, but they need to be.

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100 times THIS!


Wait till you go up the ladder and meet those people with over leveled stegodeus & tragoditis. Just fought two opponents who comes out and put on their shields immediately regardless of what my dino is. Checked their 8 dinos after the battle to find out those 2 are their highest leveled dinos. Overleveled = level 26 and above when their other dinos are between 20 and 22

What counters are you running? Any you are working on?

Side note, if you think that’s bad you ought to see what a lv 26 Utarinex does

I had that run this morning too. Sad that we didn’t face each other to offset that. Anyway I hope it turns around for you.


Was about to win. But freaking connection lost.
I‘m just about to cry that‘s how big my frustration is.

15 min incubator…yeah that‘s definitely super duper worth it lol.

Not my day today. I‘ll try battling later. Lost again 160+ trophies. I‘ve seen Sorna swamps twice but always fell back in arena 6. Wohooo.

What counter are there except nullifiers? I am working on my magnapyritator but it’s got some way to go though. Then there’s rng where it doesn’t select those dinos with the nullifying moves.

Counters for Stegod and tanks? Well if like anything that is far above what you are running against it the counter is less functional as the level difference increases. But Rex, Tryos, Stegod, Allo, Allosino, Tryko, Gorgo, Tarbo, Rinex, Indo, Magna, Suchotator,…now many of those really fall off as potential counters as the level disparity increases but still.

Now let me list the counters for a high level Utarinex:

A higher level Utarinex

Also due to armor nullifiers are usually second tier counters to tanks since they generally have a hard time with armor.

Yeah you’re right. I have a lvl 25 indoraptor that’s gone missing and my lvl 24 spinotasuchus DoT is easily cleansed. I usually go crit impact on them first but then that’s the armor of stegodeus. Tryko would be great but I’m farrrrrrrr from creating it. I am actually considering leveling up my Allo. I don’t mind the losing bit but it’s just so boring when I meet a lvl 27 or 28 stegodeus first up followed by another lvl 25 or 26 trago. Bet their third dino is a lvl 20 or 21 anky.

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up the ladder? not until they fix matches. I have…let’s see…a 17 stegosaurus, 17 raptor, 13 utah, 17 gen 2 irritator in my battle group that can all be upgraded at least 2 levels…but i have 6500 gold. IF i could get at least two of those 17s to 19, i think i could get out of badlands permanently…but can’t afford to buy gold.

too many to list in my collection. again, only 6 and a half thousand gold.