Gonna fight phoenix

I’m about to fight phoenix with my best herbivores….Wish me luck


Perhaps you could use a FFM strategy? (Assuming you are attempting the damage missions)

Unless you are specifically trying for one of the Missions to do X Attacks of 4-6 Attacks, FFM is the only configuration you should attack with. Otherwise, you are just wasting creatures and/or action points

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I was like let’s do the boss battle and it is already finished

I suppose I should edit my post. I assumed that they were going to fight phoenix 44 to attain dna from those damage missions, as they are the only ones that are worth your time and cooldowns.

I only fought phoenix for the decoration and DNA.

What’s the FFM strategy

Fodder, fodder, main

You put two weak creatures in front to build of reserves; Your last creature is a strong one, which you use either to plow through the opposing team, or to do the maximum possible damage on that creature (commonly used to achieve lots of damage on bosses).

Oh I do that :sweat_smile: