Gonna Join the Drop Down Guild


This is where I am now, and I was doing good for a while, but now I’m starting to get my butt handed to me in the worst way; even Bots are tearing me a new one (in which case, why do they have Epics, especially an Ouran?):

And this is my current team:

Who knows, I could be losing the ability to strategize, maybe not, but while I’d need to take a shot to my pride and drop down, I don’t see it as the worst thing 'cause I’m not really losing anything like I would in other games. Fyi, no, rank doesn’t matter to me; I’m not competitive, and I’m only here for the fun.

These are my weakest dinos which will be taking quite the beating for the team, so if you see them, you know what to do; hell I’ll just go AI mode and pick the strikes:

Lol, I may turn into “that” player as I climb back up, so, fair warning.


I am struggling to get past 2800 for a couple weeks now and also tempted to put in low dinos and drop myself back into the lowest arena and work my way back up


Not that a bad team. Perhaps focus power lvl on your veliciraptor and eniasuchus and i think you will have a much easier time. Good luck!


It’s somewhat tedious ('cause you lose between 20-30 trophies), but you’ll get a laugh as your weakest dinos hold their own against bots.


Okay so discovered something. As you continue to battle bots on your way down, their dinos’levels decrease over time:

So after dropping back to the Nublar Jungle, I decided to force a victory so I could battle a real player with higher level dinos, and I did get one, who decided to be a jerk and let the timer run out a couple times:

I guess to make things less tedious, you gotta force a victory every now and then.