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Good alliance looking for players

Hi guys,

I am a co-leader of a good alliance with 3 spaces available. We regularly hit at least the tier 8 incubator for tournaments and we are currently 335th in this one globally. Most of us are adults with work commitments so we’re all fairly chilled but we like our raids !!!

We are a chilled alliance that has a few ground rules.

10kills each tournament every week. Fail to do so and you will be kicked.
Use chat/discord for raid strategies.
Be a casual daily player
Speak English
Ideally European time zone or eastern time America

For raids we clear all raids if you want but we’re specifically looking for high level players that can bolster our high Dino ranks. Please enquire if you have any of the following Dino’s

Irritator (the rare one) LV 24 or an irritator with over 4200 hp
Maxima with over 8300hp
Thor lv30 over 2500 damage base
Tuora LV 26+
Good tento over 2500 damage

Message me for further info