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Good by ludia and good by jwa and good by dg2


Goooddd byyyy … only reason dg2.

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Thank you bro for advice


Levity old boy, lighten up. If you want to go you’re an adult


Probably not the most useful advice IMO :man_shrugging:t4:

I can understand why OP is frustrated.
Broken Dino needs fixing. It’s move should have been renamed “Fun shattering rampage”


I don’t think there’s any argument at this point that something needs to be done about it. We’re all looking forward to 1.6 as they seem to have addressed the issue

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Maybe wait a few more days @Emrah_Ozbugutu
There’s a good chance @Creative_Screen_name is right and this miscalculated move gets fixed. Just a thought


Take a break on the battling. It’s not like you fall behind in a game like this since the farther up you get the harder your opponents. See what 6.1 brings with at minimum DG2 goes to at least not being able to swap for 2 turns like everything else.


speaking of 1.6, I don’t know when we will get the next teaser now. I was expecting it today, but a “what dino did you start with” tweet came today, so I’m hoping tomorrow (if we do get one, or I at least hope for release notes for Friday!!)


Swap kill and again swap and atack again kill …


Honestly dg2 is far from this games biggest issue… the bigger concern as far as dg2 is involved was it was most likely a test to see how many people would spend time and money to level it up knowing it was gonna get nerfed in the next patch. Im guessing it was enough that there will be a new common with an op enough skill that will take the place of dg2.

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tany watch. with nullify cooldown 1. or some new ability, who knows. i spent very little coin on dg2. only to get it to 15.


Oooo I’m hoping for tany to get swap in nullifying impact with only 1 turn lock down.


I dont know about tany… there are already arguements to be made about leveling or using it… gotta be a common thats as useful as dg2 prior to 1.5 like igy… cause like dg2 igy is getting a hybrid this patch.


yeah like give raptor swap in pounce lol


Its gonna be funny when they get sick of all the complaints and make it so that whatever dino swaps out, is unable to return at all.

Still, that would be better then the current 2x dmg nuclear strike from nowhere. This move/dino would be fine if it was 1x dmg.

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i have yet to fight a grypolyth lol. random thought but its a whole patch later and have not seen one yet.

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There not the easiest to make being tied to park spawns and most that have made it call it the worst unique so thats prolly why.


pocemon has it ranked 10 just above dioraj. i personally like dioraj but i agree. give it more up front damage. get rid of swap in frosty… thats how pocemom calls it :joy:


I would like to see a “swap-in-dodge” or “swap-in-evasive stance” or “swap-in-cloak” that give you a chance to avoid that first hit.


Swap in nullifying strike, but not rampage ay yi yi…