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Good decision or not?

Hi all, I want to ask if this is good idea. I decide to level Up all unlocked legendaries to 40 (T.Rex, Ichtiostega, Unyanisaurus and Pteranodon - all 2x bec. Hybrids) + made level 20 every VIP I can, to start a win tournaments. Is that good decision?

It’s your preference I guess, you could do it since you have deinonychus at 30 already, although I prefer 2 level 30s over a 40 especially for tournaments, for you depth maybe more manageable since you have a lot of vips.

Also why a separate thread for this, you could have used your own lineup thread you already have or this

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normal legendaries level 30 afraid cant win tournament match 100%. Actually i am able to very hardly win the tournament but it cost tima, money and its so close, that is why I want to do is, bec with that I will able to get to dominatore easier and hope without my real budget or least cheaper than buy 3 200 cash every week, also very soon i will start maxed out a rare hybrids, which will deepen the new set of maximum normal of legendaries and level 20 vip.

Indominus tournament I stayed in predator, because I found it useless to waste money on a creature that I can unlock at any time for free (I have no problem waiting for the hatching or evolution of creatures)

Actually if you have the most powerful regular legendary level 30 like trex it’s about the same stats as a VIP level 10 and when I do a tournament my level 10 VIP I can use them throughout the whole tournament so actually the can help in tournaments

I don’t say I don’t win with him, but not always