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Good Dinos for raids

Raids, they’re fun really fun. Here are some of the best Dinos for the mamotherium raid, (because its the only raid boss I’ve fought XD). Parramoloch and dlilorano. healers are almost essential in raid battles because if you you don’t have one, your gonna die, dillorano is better all together because it can heal more, and nullify mamo’s ferocious. Paramoloch is better when you have a lot of bleeders on your team, bleeders usually have low health, so your really going to need that group shield, the stun also helps when mamo does its big hit. next Dinos, Spinonyx and spinotahsuchus. spinon is good because it has bleed and some decent attacks to back it up, what you want to do with it is do lethal wound and then go for you for your big hits, simple enough. spinotaahsuchus in my opinion works better, because it has multiple bleeds, meaning your doing 5k DoT for two turns in a row. the critical impact is ok but it doesn’t do much the bleed is what matters most. last one that I think is really good is trystronix, the group ready to crush is SUPER useful sometimes, getting that extra damage on the mamo boss is really important. if trystron gets hit by the minion gally’s first instant distraction then you are set because the attack decrease won’t matter because your just trying to get your squads attack up. If you have any suggestions please put them in the comments and I’ll try them out.

I wish I played the sinoceratops raid

It’s the perfect raid for me

I couldn’t find any other raid bosses, it was all mamotherium.

Yeah my other friend found a mamo but he has not completed campaign chapter 45

It was right next to him

me and one of my alliance mates decided it would be funny to do a healer team, and we literally lost because we ran out of turns XD

Lol hahahahaha I think it was too long cause the abilities are for long battles I think :thinking:

I still haven’t beaten the raid because Iv’e only done with only one other person, but we figured out some good Dinos to do it

Big shoutout to you Mortem_Rex for being my first replier

If you want to take down Mammo, youre going to want Bajatonodon healing, Tryostronix to dmg and buff, Carnotarkus for counter and instant distract, and another shield breaker. Baja needs to group heal on rd 2 and invincible before the boss does the team dmg move. Carnotarkus to inst dist before the bosses powerful single atk, and thagomizer to kill the minions. Tryo needs to keep RTC up.

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Gracias por la información Caden. Estoy muy perdido con las incursiones y parece interesante. A ver si consigo ganar una, parece imposible.

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Translated From Spanish

“Thanks for the info Caden. I am very lost with the raids and it seems interesting. See if I can win one, it seems impossible.”

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Thank you for all of your support on my first article, it means so much to me :smiley: :smiley:

Toura is quickly becoming a Raid All-Star for unique and apex level and up. Instant Group Accelerate is a game changer as your team usually gets to all go first before the shields, distractions, all come into play. If your team all has group dam, it will take out the minions before they even get to go. Then you can nullify everything else in the next turn.

Beat Smilo Prime with my L23 Toura backing up 2 Maximas and 1 Thor. All capped at 25. Lost 1 Maxima, but the rest of us took it out, with the final blow coming from my little old Toura strike. It worked as it had precision and went through the dodge.

Group dam is so impt in raids to take out the minions before they wreck your plans.

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Toura is a dino that I could probably work towards, but would dioraga be better.

Healer (must have!) - Tuora (also speed-up), Dilora,…
Killer: Tenrex (also heal and disteact), Thor (group attack),…
Shields: Dio,…

Plus many others. Different roles. It’s essential to have a well thought-out combo of different roles in each lobby and communication during battle.

alright, thanks for suggestion!

Nemys is rather easy, i won during my 1st try. Did it with @Acerglyn .
Our team was

  1. Lvl 21 unboosted Tuora
  2. Lvl 24 unboosted Dio
  3. Lvl 14 unboosted Baryonyx (yes)
  4. Lvl 27 boosted Maxima

Maxima unfortunately died, the rest survived until the end. We were close to lose not because Nemys’s damage, but because the turn limit.

I was lucky with rewards. Got 75 Nemys’ DNA :grinning:

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good job Starlinger27