Good disconnects Everytime I load up the game or dart a dino


So just as I said Everytime I load up the game or dart a dinosaur it disconnects me from the GPS I figured out that if you go on a dinosaurs profile it will reset but it is very annoying. (Coyote #1441) please fix it.


Please help I love your game and I really want to play it :frowning:


Hey The_spinosaurus, I’m sorry to hear about your GPS issue, let me try and help you so you can focus back on collecting those dino DNAs. Can you make sure that your device has allowed the game to have access to your location and that you’re in an area with a strong signal?

You can also find more information on GPS inquiries by searching “GPS” on our FAQ here:

If you’re still having issues with this, our support team might be able to help. Could you please contact them here at, with your support key included in the email?