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Good dodge counter?

So I’m still pretty early game? I think. My highest dino is my indo rex and it’s only 16. So I don’t have any of those crazy hybrids yet.
What’s a good way to deal with those dodgy bois? :thinking:

Wow, how could you got lv16 I-raptor?
I think it started from lv21.:thinking:

BTW, Tanyco is the best counter of those who doesn’t have Monolophosaurus based hybrids.

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This I wanna know cos I do encounter quite a few lvl 16 indoraps in battle. Checked their profile after battling and these opponents do exist cos a bot would never be listed.

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I thought unique dinos were 21? I don’t know lol. I don’t have one but thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

I think you mean Indominus rex.

Oh yeah, lmao. My bad, didn’t catch that :flushed::flushed::flushed:

No…no…I have met lvl 16 indoraps before (before V1.4) At that time I thought it was bots but their profiles do exist.

So are there any good dodge counters? I’ve just had a sodding Monomimus rip through my team with 6 successful dodges. It makes me want to RAGE! 50/50 dodge my arse!!! We either need more dodge counters with NULLIFYING moves, or dodge needs to be rebalanced to 33‰ chance to dodge.

I use my Tany. Suchotator also has nullyfying strike.

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If u can fuse Sarcorixis, swap it in to get a free shield for 2 turns, reduce the Indominus attack by 50%.

I used Tanicolagreo before creating monomimo. And I still use sucotator in my team (now lev 20).

More good counters is all that’s needed. A nullifying swap in would be cool and bring balance to the force. No need to nerf anything.

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I agree with you up to a point, reballancing must happen. But I would be cautious about a wide-sweep addition of nullifying moves being added across the board as it will also seriously nerf all shield users too. That being said there do need to be more nullifying dinos in the game (but not too many). Balancing is a tricky issue. However swap-in nullify is inspired! If the terasaurs were buffed with that then there might even be a place for them in the current meta. Hope @Ludia consider this.