Good, easy uniques?

Any good ideas for good and easy to unlock uniques? I need it for my alt account

any one that in the shop

Thora, dracoceratosaurus, the mammoth hybrids and phorurex.

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Nah I ain’t spending $100 for a virtual dinosaur

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indo can be good as a first single he can knock out teams

Scorp gen 3 doesnt need any event dna of the sorts, and only rare and common


I think they are all pretty easy to get if you focus and don’t waste coins on other things.
I only need 70 more scorpios g3 dna and most of my team is still lvl 16.

Dart everything you can. Make sure you don’t miss any of the event dinos throughout the week and just fuse whatever you can. The dinos you see in the wild are going to vary so the uniques that someone else is easily able to make might not be what you’re easily able to make.